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SPS Commerce [NASDAQ:SPSC]: Unifying Retail through Cloud
Artha Systems: Single Integrated Solution for All the Retail Operations
Cloud4Wi: Accelerating the Retail Digital Transformation
commercetools: Powering Commerce Platforms of the Future
NextOrbit: Enhanced Shopper Experience by Mitigating Out-of-Stock
PlumSlice Labs: Leverage the Cloud to Power Extended Retail Ecosystem
Retailcloud: Creating Dynamic POS Systems
Springboard Retail: Intelligent Platform for Retailers by Retailers [NASDAQ:SPRT]: Driving Enhanced Shopper's Journey
Webcollage: SaaS Platform to Drive Higher Conversions
Consensus: A Better and Simpler Omnichannel Experience
Top 10 Retail Cloud Solution Providers - 2017 My Cloud Grocer (MCG): Revolutionizing Supermarkets
Virid: A Robust, All-in-One eCommerce Package
Blueport Commerce: The Future of Furniture Ecommerce
JDA Software: Retail In Cloud