3D Systems Delivers an Appealing 3D POS Solution for Retail Floor...

3D Systems Delivers an Appealing 3D POS Solution for Retail Floor and Event Activations

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ROCK HILL, SC: 3D Systems, a provider of advanced and comprehensive 3D digital design and fabrication solutions, uncovers its brand new next generation 3DMe Photobooth. It delivers a complete 3D end to end experience from facial imaging to 3D figurine purchasing all in one unit to retail spaces and events. The revamped version comprises of an attractive user interface fine-tuned for easier point-of-sale, revenue reporting, and user experience.

3DMe Photobooth captures realistic facial image instantly using 3D imaging technology.  Users can animate and create personalized characters, share them on social media and can get 3D-printed full color figurine all within few minutes from the Photobooth kiosk. They can also place their face on seasonal and branded collections of customizable 3DMe figurines.

"We're excited for the new opportunities that 3DMe Photobooth brings to retail and event spaces for increased foot traffic, recurring revenue, and for the joy it brings users," says Peter Theran, Vice President of Global Consumer Products, 3DS. "3DMe Photobooth is always hugely popular with consumers, and now it's easier for owners, too. It's a win for everyone."

 By incorporating advanced operating features, the product offers a new point-of-sale (POS) system allowing onsite purchase with a credit card reader, which includes revenue tracking systems to help owners acknowledge trends. The Photobooth carries 12 language options.

Furthermore, it can be customized for improved visibility and branding where 3DMe Photobooth's content can be replaced based on brands and seasons. This lets the vendors to provide the free content and styles attracting new and returning consumers.


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