Amazon's Latest Launch enables Minors to Shop Online

Amazon's Latest Launch enables Minors to Shop Online

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 21, 2019

Amazon, in its recent announcement, introduced a new way for teens to purchase from its site independently from their parents’ accounts and order, which parents can review and purchase. Pre-set spending limits can be assigned as an alternative to review orders. The new service is now available on; it aims to provide more autonomy to teenagers from the age of 13 to 17. The new feature will add a whole new set of shoppers to the Amazon Prime platform, which is available to teens if the parents are Prime members. In Prime, teens would have access to more than 50 million products that can ship for free in two days, and teens can take advantage of prime benefits like Twitch Prime and Prime Video.

The system gives teen access to use Amazon by allowing them to create their username and password. Parents can sign-up their teen, or the teen can send an invite to their parents via email or text message for confirmation. After receiving the alert, the parent can confirm the shipping address and payment method which will be used for teens’ orders. Teens will now be able to use their username and password to log into the Amazon app, and when they find items that they want to buy, they can send it to their parents via text or mail for approval. By default order approvals are switched on, the parents can also allow a teen to purchase without having to review each item. This feature has to be manually disabled; parents who don’t wish to review every product can set pre-approved spending limit.

The orders are placed by the minors themselves but parents can receive notifications, and they will be able to return or cancel the order. The new feature is a part of Amazon Households; the feature lets Prime users share their account with family members. Teens seek the freedom to make choices, but that has to be equalized with trust that parents require. With this feature, Amazon looks forward to encouraging teens to spend online rather than malls. The next move by Amazon is to allow parents to configure digital allowance to their children’s accounts.

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