Avocado Connects Global Retail with Chinese Consumers Directly

Avocado Connects Global Retail with Chinese Consumers Directly

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Samuel Pearton, President and Founder of The Avocado App

Avocado enables Chinese customers to shop directly from global retailers.   

FREMONT, CA: Avocado, an innovative, unique, futuristic, and premier breakthrough digital application, would now connect Chinese customers to retail brands all across the globe. With this initiative, the creators of the products, their audiences, ecommerce experts as well as sellers can build an emotive, meaningful and constructive as well as business relationship with each other. Avocado provides an opportunity for the retail industry actors and consumers to develop and dwell on power and effective connections, which further enable seamless transactions between the Chinese buyers and the international retail culture.

Serving as a clear and straight bridge between the Chinese buyers and global sellers, Avocado delivers the most user-centric content that is styled as per the customers and trends that are ruling the shopping behavior of the modern world. Avocado enables the retail brands an opportunity to grow, lead the market, handle, and also communicate personally with the customers directly as well as securely over the digital ecosystem. Avocado acts as a strong push for retail brands all across the world to expand their customer base and cater to the specific needs of Chinese customers.

Avocado is a highly innovative and smart digital platform that prioritizes quality for excellence and success. The company curates and delivers the state of the art information and content for the creators that reawakens the spirit of creativity and art in them. Avocado is recognized for the way it provides the content to the global business actors in an artistic way. The platform is a pioneer in taking the retail business forward into the light. Avocado is premiering its move towards launching entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle products to the Chinese shoppers directly across the channel, internet.

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