Bamboo Rose Announces New Innovative Solutions for SMBs and...

Bamboo Rose Announces New Innovative Solutions for SMBs and Manufacturing

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, August 02, 2019

Sue Welch, CEO

The new solutions from the Bamboo Rose platform are specific to manufacturing and SMBs challenges.

FREMONT, CA: Bamboo Rose is a renowned firm focusing on connecting its clients with the respective retail community to collaboratively invent, develop and deliver for various markets from across the globe.

The firm has announced the launch of the Bamboo Rose platform which caters to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Bamboo Rose is also coming up with a platform for the manufacturing sector.

Bamboo Rose has earned recognition as the top multi-enterprise supply chain and product platform. Bamboo Rose was featured in Retail CIO Outlook as one of the top 10 Retail Management Solution Providers 2018.

Now, with these new offerings, the firm crosses another milestone. The SMB-oriented Bamboo Rose platform has been custom-made for the high-growth and innovative SMB industry. Further, the Bamboo Rose platform for the manufacturing industry enables a seamless connection with its customers and community.

Bamboo Rose for SMBs

SMBs in the contemporary world have to encounter a large number of challenges. The capacity to leverage product development along with global trade management and derive supply chain solutions is critical. 

The new SMB-focused Bamboo Rose platform enables rapid implementation that brings down approximately eighty percent of the implementation expenditure. Further, the platform acts as one-stop-shop for enhancing expansion by supporting sourcing, innovative product development, supply chain, and GTM. 

Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector faces an urgent need to find innovative market imperatives to modernize and differentiate. The manufacturing sector oriented platform can restructure go-to-market strategies by providing new advancements as far as complex product configuration or collaborative product developments are concerned.

In view of these challenges, the new platform from Bamboo Rose extends full support for its manufacturing clients for all business requirements from conceptualization, production, sales to delivery. It also acts as a single B2B marketplace for association with consumers besides the international market to expand their sales reach. Finally, it also provides its customers with refined access to new component sources and services for a drastic decrease in costs involved in the production.

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