Cuddle Partners with Nielsen Connect Partner Network

Cuddle Partners with Nielsen Connect Partner Network

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Cuddle is a business leader's co-pilot, working with Nielsen data to transform how businesses consume data, ensuring there are no business accidents, and that firms don't miss out on new business opportunities.

FREMONT, CA: Cuddle, a pioneering AI-powered analytics platform, helping industry leaders to use business insights from company data to enhance business performance, announces the joining of Nielsen Connect Partner Network, the largest open ecosystem of tech-driven solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods sector. This latest partnership activates Nielsen's data for customers at an unmatched level.

Cuddle is a leading player in the business analytics space. As Cuddle continues to grow the network with highly qualified partners to fuel a smarter market for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry, together, the company will use the power of their AI-driven platform along with data to transform the world of decision making within the markets of retail and CPG. A subsidiary of Fractal, a leader in AI and analytics, powering decision-making in Fortune 500 companies, Cuddle is an AI-powered, voice-powered business analytics platform. The solution automatically identifies patterns in enterprise data and alerts users of what they need to know before they even ask.

As a network partner, Cuddle's AI will continuously scan Nielsen data to automatically find out the most critical insights for customers. The company will also automatically find out the possible root causes for effects, like share change, and send it to the responsible brand manager. Besides, Cuddle's AI-powered Analytics Co-Pilot will assist business leaders to sail through Nielsen data to identify what actions need to be taken, and when.

Cuddle is an AI-powered, voice-powered business analytics platform that automatically detects patterns in enterprise data and alerts users. Cuddle is working multiple household names, including the world's largest food companies, global consumer health, and wellness company, container transportation, and shipping company, a leading travel retailer, and beauty and personal care companies.

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