Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for Enterprises of all...

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for Enterprises of all Sizes

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 07, 2019

Data Center managers and IT experts require the correct configurations and equipment, in order to meet their particular environmental requirements, and solutions to remote management, so that they access servers, network devices, and other mission-critical devices quickly and efficiently. With increasing size and complexity, data centers are increasing. Chayora is a leading Hong Kong-based developer of data center infrastructure firm in China. The company enables international online companies to access the vast, fast-growing Chinese market efficiently. In key locations throughout China, Chayora builds a series of hyper-scale, fully licensed data center campuses: initially in Tianjin to serve the major provinces in Beijing and north, and Shanghai in East provinces. In key southern and central locations, future comparable scaling campuses will follow. A variety of solutions are available on each campus: powered land, build-to-suit, assured scalability, and wholesale colocation. In Shanghai and at other customer-specified locations, further smaller data centers have been developed.

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Chayora has recently announced a strategic partnership with Sinnet Technology in Beijing with the goal of providing Chayora's customers with network solutions and cloud services. Sinnet also plans to use the hypercampus of Chayora 300 MW in Beichen, North Tianjin for its retail expansion to promote the wider Beijing area. Sinnet will be a key partner in Chayora's data halls in the recently finished TJ1 facility in Chayora.

Sinnet is Beijing/Hebei/Tianjin's largest private retailing and wholesale colocation operator, and, as network integration and cloud licensee, Chayora is enabling it to offer the global club, technology and colocation companies that seek to provide scalable, high-performance data center solutions in China with a much greater range of services. With advanced technologies, superior resources and high-quality services, Sinnet is committed to fostering the Internet innovation and development, offering users a faster, more stable, and safer website. The various segments of enterprise covered the whole service area of Internet data communication following almost two decades of accumulation and effort. Sinnet served more than 10,000 clients and has built up a reputation as a manufacturer, a leading market share and excellent brand awareness.

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The partnership enables higher power capacities and flexibility in the development of Tianjin to serve the core Beijing digital market with efficient and cost-effective infrastructure will feature high-level, cost-efficient network solutions from existing Sinnet data centers to the Chayora campus. High-performance platforms, infrastructure, and data centers, supposedly provide scalability and direct connectivity to the domestic internet and facilitate rapid deployment with every rack power density. 

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