Digital Grocer Farmstead Launches New AI Platform Refill & Save

Digital Grocer Farmstead Launches New AI Platform Refill & Save

By Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

Artificial IntelligenceSan Francisco based digital grocer Farmstead that sources and delivers fresh foods from farms to home have launched a new platform Refill & Save, driven by artificial intelligence. The program uses highly reliable AI-powered predictive models to determine the demand for avoiding food wastages due to overstocking and saves time and fuel on delivery routes. Refill & Save also provides customers with recurring orders with discounts on certain items including milk, eggs, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and bread. In addition to creating savings for customers, Farmstead hopes to help local farmers increase sales.

The self-learning predictive models of Farmstead automatically fills up customer's recurring weekly orders, and shoppers can add or elide any items for the week or cancel an order entirely.

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Pradeep Elamkumaran, founder and CEO of Farmstead said " Customers buy many of the same things every time they shop groceries. Farmstead comes to help of customers here with predicting the demand. In light of which we can reduce prices of certain staples and making the business still profitable. With this Farmstead is delivering on its mission to make fresh, locally sourced food available to all."

He added that Farmstead's proprietary AI platform Refill & Save is allowing them to do things more efficiently than other firms. In an hour time, Farmstead's customers can choose to have fresh groceries at their doorstep. Their service is available seven days a week. The grocer offers about 1,000 products and for now, delivers in San Francisco and the Bay Area only.


In Elamkumaran's words, Farmstead is an opinionated company that performs a lot of curation offering category coverage as opposed to SKU coverage. Also, the products Farmstead offer is incredibly local, that is they deliver extremely fresh food to its customers.

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