Eram Making a Major Return on Investment by Generating Incremental...

Eram Making a Major Return on Investment by Generating Incremental Sales

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

By reconciling data, to refine Eram's targeting to best meet our customers' expectations. This enables the company to manage marketing pressure to establish a real relational plan.

FREMONT, CA: The French distribution group Eram has a global presence with its nine ready-to-wear brands, spread over 900 points of sale and e-commerce sites. In 2018, the group entrusted Advalo with the deployment of its data-driven strategy for 3 of its brands (Eram, G©mo and Bocage). After two years of partnership, the Eram brand is making a major return on its investment by generating incremental sales on a sustainable basis. The actions set up with Advalo made it possible, initially, to quantify the impact of digital on in-store sales, then identify the most revenue-creating marketing actions and finally strengthen the relationship with their customers through individualized marketing.

By reconciling offline CRM data and online data from navigation through the Advalo platform, Eram's teams now have access to an omnichannel measurement of the company's performance. This measurement, which takes into account both e-commerce and in-store transactions, shows the real effect of the e-commerce site on transactions concluded in shops, an impact that is often underestimated by brands.

By analyzing and understanding web-to-store journeys, the Eram teams have found that a third of their in-store shoppers prepare their purchases by visiting the company's website and that they spend an average of 15 days preparing for this purchase. The Eram brand has now recognized the importance of working with on-site intending buyers to create traffic and in-store purchases.

Through the platform's native connections with various digital players, Eram has been able to open new points of contact with its clients, especially on social networks.  An action that has allowed Eram to quadruple its potential to speak with its customers. The brand now uses new channels to talk to more customers without increasing pressure per individual.

Eram has been able to identify the characteristics of the profiles of its best customers thanks to a refined segmentation carried out on the Advalo platform, to create a specific audience and finely optimize its acquisition costs. Eram is now able to optimize its budget by concentrating its investments on priority targets and has seen a 25 percent reduction in the cost per purchase.

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