Eversight to Optimize Pricing for Raley Using AI

Eversight to Optimize Pricing for Raley Using AI

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, August 16, 2019

Anis Hadj-Taieb, SVP of Retail Partnerships

AI-Powered pricing software will present smart pricing to optimize the stores and to stay abreast of the new trends.

FREMONT, CA: Eversight, a provider of innovative solutions to retailers and manufacturers is tapped by family-run grocer Raley for artificial intelligence (AI) powered pricing. The software company Eversight is expected to bring intelligent, dynamic pricing to the stores of Raley.

In this age of digitalization, customers are attracted to retailers offering convenient pricing. This forces grocers like Raley to adopt new software, to keep their heads above water in today’s cut-throat market. 

Eversight’s AI engine is designed in such a way that it automatically tests prices and promotions across the store network according to the present trend and then, continuously update the client with relevant insights.

Pricing software of Eversight offers the AI-based solutions, which include improved performance, continuous coaching, and dynamic learning lab. Now, with the right software, retailers can collect and analyze the data to update themselves with the current trends of the market, the process is automated which frees up team members to leverage physical stores.

Eversight was recognized by Retail CIO Outlook, as one of the Top 10 Retail Tech Startups 2018. “We uncover price points and promotions which are counterintuitive, helping retailers and CPG companies to strategize their investments in resources and pricing,” says Anis Hadj-Taieb, SVP, Retail and Customer Success at Eversight. 

The company is also known for solution experimenting, learning, and adjusting the price. Eversight can provide effective price optimization results by leveraging AI. Price optimization technology coupled with a continuous coaching layer saves merchants time and redirects bandwidth to strategic opportunities, provides physical retailers with the tools to compete with their physical and online counterparts.

Retail technology helps retailers stay competitive in four key categories: convenience, price, size, and speed. Raley's owns 129 stores and generates roughly $3.2 billion in annual revenue.

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