Genpact Continues Its Investment in Rightpoint with Acquisitionof...

Genpact Continues Its Investment in Rightpoint with Acquisitionof Something Digital

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, October 16, 2020

Genpact announces today the expansion of its experience business, Rightpoint, with the acquisition of Something Digital.

FREMONT, CA: Genpact is a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, announces today the expansion of its experience business, Rightpoint, with the purchase of Something Digital. The addition of Something Digital's commerce expertise to Rightpoint's customer experience leadership will allow the company's power to drive experience-led transformation at scale for clients throughout industries. Today's announcement furthers Genpact's strategy to merge experience and process innovation to enable the clients to drive end-to-end digital transformation and win in the growing experience economy. Genpact's purchase of Rightpoint in 2019, which consolidated its TandemSeven experience business in the Rightpoint brand, developed an industry-leading experience firm. The addition of Something Digital widens on that expertise, enabling actual end-to-end digital commerce that puts customer experience at the center. 

With consumer commerce spending increasing 44.5 percent year over year, digital commerce has quickly and radically shifted from being one element of a multi-channel strategy to a primary business for many across retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturing. In this environment, having a robust, experience-centered digital commerce business has become table stakes for survival for clients worldwide. 

"The shift from offline to online is impacting companies across every industry in a variety of ways, large and small," says Katie Stein, chief strategy officer and global business leader, enterprise services, at Genpact. "Bringing together Rightpoint's tremendous experience expertise, with Something Digital's commerce resources, creates a step change in our ability to help clients connect their enterprise front to back to finally be able to solve for experience-led, end-to-end digital commerce."

Being a part of Rightpoint, Something Digital's capabilities will prove critical to future business success as its strategists, engineers, designers, and leaders continue to focus on and offer B2B and B2C companies with experience-driven creative and digital commerce solutions.

"Something Digital and Rightpoint share a commitment to creating the best commerce experiences possible. Bringing our teams together will increase our collective ability to design winning solutions that drive revenue growth for our clients," says Greg Steinberg, principaland founder of Something Digital. "We look forward to bringing clients the benefits of our expanded capabilities."

Via this acquisition, Rightpoint will join some of the largest companies in the world in leveraging the broad feature set of Magento Commerce, which powers Adobe Commerce Cloud. Digital will bring about its extensive Adobe capabilities to Rightpoint's dominant commerce team, making Rightpoint a Gold-level Adobe Solution Partner. Gold partners are a selected group of regional companies, which has earned a higher designation in a particular Adobe geographic area. Gold partners create specialized Adobe practices across multiple Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.   

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