GiftLogic POS System Unveils Volume Discount Tool to Enhance the...

GiftLogic POS System Unveils Volume Discount Tool to Enhance the Product Value

By: Retail Cio Outlook | Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ENGLEWOOD, FL: GiftLogic Point of Sale (POS) System, a retail solution provider for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs), introduces Volume Discount tool for retail shops. The tool will add value to products and compel customers to shop more.

With the implementation of volume discount tool into GiftLogic, customers doing bulk purchase of items will receive multiple ranges of discounts set by management. As the purchase quantity goes higher, the discount rates also get larger. The glitch here is that, customers have to buy specific number of products to avail these benefits.

The tool’s working methodology is simple and intuitive. The user has to open GiftLogic management console where the discounted item will be selected. Further, user chooses discount type under the ‘special pricing’ tab, which can be percentage off or flat discount price. The retail employee completes with the quantity range and discount after entering up to ten different discount levels. The process can be saved and applied to multiple items.

“We also included an optional discount date field,” says GiftLogic spokesperson. “By entering a date range retailers can set up special sales for bulk purchases.”

After setting up the GiftLogic software the volume discount tool will automatically provide give off on the items as soon as certain criteria is met. The conditions set by management include quantity purchase as well as a time period where expired items will be removed from the discount list.

“Since the software applies the discount according to the settings input by management, human error is taken out of the equation,” adds the spokesperson. “This helps ensure customer satisfaction because even if the cashier forgets, the software won't.”

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