Gusto Redesigns its Hospitality Software to Support Microsoft...

Gusto Redesigns its Hospitality Software to Support Microsoft Surface 3

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Gusto, a provider of restaurant management solutions, combines with Heckler Design –a provider of Point Of Sale solutions– to redesign the entire restaurant point-of-sale experience on Microsoft’s new Surface 3.

The company’s revamped hospitality software pairs with Heckler Design Windfall console for Surface 3 to offer reliable wired and wireless network capability, port expansion for important POS peripherals. It provides an integrated ID tech SecureMag card reader to handle the demands of high-volume and fast-casual operations. The Heckler Design WindFall Console for Surface 3 provides a commercial-grade durability and functionality thereby making the solution attractive for restaurateurs.

“I am pleased to announce our partnership with Heckler Design,” says Bill Draper, CEO, GUSTO. “This partnership demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers robust, affordable point-of-sale solutions built for the toughest operational environments.”

Gusto’s purpose-built cloud architecture for restaurant’s technology needs offers flexibility and control for operations. Its Enterprise reporting feature provides users deep insights into core operations and allows customized reporting for better view on operational data.The company’s POS Intelligence provides the capability to create and view store groupings in real time so that managers and corporate decision makers can easily manage their menus, employees, and other key data to gain a competitive advantage.

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