How is AR Superior to Other Technologies in Retail?

How is AR Superior to Other Technologies in Retail?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Augmented reality is being increasingly adopted in the retail sector, providing results in real numbers with its novelty and when fully embraced, can become a crucial marketing tool.

FREMONT, CA: The retail industry will transform beyond our imagination in the next ten years and is likely to be more influenced by the emergence of augmented reality (AR) into this landscape. In the era of online shopping, brick and mortar retail stores can gain attraction when the retailers employ AR platforms in their stores. The power of AR will bring future close to our fingertips. It is a promising technology that will make consumers think that a brand is innovative, technically savvy. For those customers who want technology to improve their shopping experience, AR makes it possible through product visualization in real-life settings.

Smart mirrors or digital mirrors in retail stores utilizing combined technologies of artificial intelligence augmented reality, and movement recognition can bring open trial rooms. These mirrors can superpose clothing on one’s own image allowing buyers to try dozens of clothes at their ease. Thus shoppers can try-on products like clothing, eyewear, footwear, accessories, and makeup in real-time conveniently. Besides enhancing customer experience, this intuitive touch-screen mirror seamlessly connects shoppers with retailers and collects insights from them. The stores can use this technology to reduce the time spent in the fitting room, so that customers can spare time to navigate through all the products in their stores, adding value to the consumer experience.

The advantages offered by AR include reduced returns improving the company’s profits. It enables gamification to enhance brand recognition. Gamification can engage customers better with products while encouraging customers to make a quick purchase. Brands can also incorporate AR into advertising campaigns directing the user to additional product information as video and other forms of content. In such cases, AR makes it possible to demonstrate certain products that are practically impossible to illustrate, providing a new selling opportunity.

This fascinating technology will change the retail experience forever. The technology uses big data, and the Store owned App to give a comprehensive consumer experience while boosting sales.

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