How Partnering is Helping Hungryroot Fill the Gap in its Portfolio

How Partnering is Helping Hungryroot Fill the Gap in its Portfolio

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Collaborating with different brands, Hungryroot adds new brands to offer more items to the customers and enhances the convenience of the service.

FREMONT, CA: Hungryroot, a New York-based online grocery service, is outstanding as a “different type of grocery store.” Their subscribers get week by week, personalized deliveries of mix-and-match meal items where every shipment highlights unique recipe proposals for the items in the box. Their business model overcomes any issues between the “broken” in-store and online grocery experience with attention to personalization. The organization, dealing with Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, and different contenders, offers shoppers a progressively advantageous and present-day approach to shop healthy goods while saving time.

With an aim to offer more items, the organization added few developing food brands to its variety, including RightRice, Banza, Freshé, Beyond Meat, and Ozery Bakery. Additional brands will incorporate Field Roast, Hail Merry, Yves, Peckish, Kite Hill, Angelic Bakehouse, Maya Kaimal, and Maria and Ricardo's. In the long run, the organization chooses to join forces with different companies, and those that line up with Hungryroot from a nutritional and sustainability viewpoint. This partnership improves the usefulness of the service for customers via various products. Hungryroot's offerings are viewed as fresh and nutrient-dense with short, basic ingredient statement. While a bunch of items is shelf-stable, most require refrigeration.

Their offerings include cut vegetables like kohlrabi noodles, cauliflower rice, and shaved Brussels sprouts and other plant-based protein choices like beans, lentils, chickpeas, and tofu. The organization additionally offers smoked salmon, grilled chicken breast, and chicken sausages. In the forthcoming year, Hungryroot is planning to launch its items in traditional retail. Starting item would be almond chickpea cookie dough, dark bean brownie batter, and a collection of sauces. Among the brands most popular are plant-based garlic Parmesan, cashew cheddar, and Thai peanut.

Hungryroot believes that only a direct-to-customer relationship on a very basic level enables them to innovate from a product point of view, in manners that one cannot by only selling in traditional. To put it plainly, Hungryroot endeavors hard to provide the customers with a “one-stop-shop,” which is a direct-to-consumer platform whose fruitful result will be the improvement of their products just as other organizations' products resulting in healthier alternatives for consumers.

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