Instagram - The Next Big Shopping Platform

Instagram - The Next Big Shopping Platform

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Instagram with its delighting features acts as a bestselling platform for retailers while fascinating the customers to make a purchase.

FREMONT, CA: With all the social websites moving into retail, it’s no wonder Instagram is shifting to e-commerce. According to a recent study, almost 1 billion use Instagram worldwide. It is currently the right platform for retailers to attract buyers of all age. The high-quality visuals of products viewed in this platform can seduce people to buy. With the introduction of an in-app sales tool early September 2018 , Instagram has offered a shopping platform that allows people to explore the best products with a single tap. And with the launch of an in-app checkout function, Instagram shopping has attained the next level where customers can place an order without leaving the app, thereby making the purchase simple and secure.

For retailers, opening a shopping platform on Instagram can gain more recognition via exposure than a brick and mortar store does. Utilizing this platform, retailers can better understand shopper behavior. Adopting the following strategies can help retailers to accomplish the sales goals by completely exploiting the platform.

• Uploading catchy images of the excellent resolution, and pleasingly edited images can induce the interest among people to tap on the picture to find out more.

• Invest in a high-quality product catalog as the aesthetic appeal of the products attracts people.

• Tagging multiple products in a single post allow the viewers to have a look at all the products, thereby increasing the visibility of several items. This creates more opportunity to buy a product.

• To build trust, ensure that the right products are tagged and assigned with a name to allow buyers to identify the products quickly.

• Creating a consistent experience while redirecting from instagram shoppable posts to the product pages can highly engage the customers.

• Usage of hashtags effectively can boost the visibility of the product and reach new customers.

• Of all, managing the Instagram platform by continuously updating, thereby engaging the audience and tracking the shoppers’ preferences can increase sales.

As consumers prefer a platform where they can shop in a matter of seconds, Instagram caters to this need, and acts a social media platform where retailers can confidently invest in promoting their products.

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