Integrations Retailers Must Have in Their Omnichannel Retail Solution

Integrations Retailers Must Have in Their Omnichannel Retail Solution

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 26, 2021

POS and eCommerce integrations strengthen the omnichannel retail solution.

FREMONT, CA: The eCommerce business relies on a tightly-integrated customer experience across each of the company’s assets. Customers can have the exact shopping experience regardless of where they buy, whether it’s through the website, the mobile app, or the brick-and-mortar store. And there is one important aspect to bridging the physical and digital shopping experiences that is gaining increasing attention, the eCommerce and POS integration. Integrations are an important part of an omni-channel retail solution, and here is more about all the integrations that retailers should have.

• Payment Integration

Customers seek efficiency, speed, and security in the payment process. Among all the integrations, payment integration should be considered a priority by a retailer because it is where the money is coming from. A retail business must have all the integrations with several payment gateways to make sure smooth financial transactions.

• Social Media Integration

Social media has to play a major role in the retail business today. People spend a lot of time on the social media platform. A lot of customers check products on these platforms. This has given rise to influencer marketing. Retail software should be very well integrated across all social media channels to ensure connectivity. It also lets retailers create analytics reports and study patterns to align marketing and promotions strategies for better outcomes.

• Marketplace Integrations

Many market places are there to buy products. Having an eCommerce store is a good option, but it should be integrated with a marketplace to allow the retailer to tap the customers visiting. Also, if a customer sees a product in the marketplace, it helps develop a greater degree of trust between retailers and customers, eventually creating more sales.

• Accounting Integration

Integrating the POS and eCommerce store with the accounting software helps a retail brand manage taxes and compliance. If an omnichannel solution already covers all these capabilities, then retailers may not need these integrations.

• Logistics Agency Integration

Logistics agencies play a vital role when it comes to the timely delivery of products. Such an agency can make or break a retail business because it is required not just for the delivery but also for the return and exchange of products. Therefore, retailers must integrate their omnichannel solution with a good and reliable logistic partner.

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