LiftMaster Unveils Dock Door Operator

LiftMaster Unveils Dock Door Operator

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dock Door Operator with Cloud-Based Access and Dock Management Capabilities will increase safety and efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: LiftMaster, one of the best manufacturer brands, developed the Light-Duty Dock Door Operator (DD08900W) with an integrated dock management solution ideal for warehouse facilities with vertical lift dock doors and light-duty cycle requirements.

The cloud-based access dock door is an integrated door system that comes with the guarantee for reliable performance and also makes the daily jobs easier and safer. This dock management solution offer precise control of the door system and trouble-free operation. It posses commercial intelligence which collects operator activity and events to develop customized reports.

Dock Door operator provides user-friendly and cost-effective solutions. The solution comes with the following key features: the software provides facility managers with full insight and control over warehouse access points, business owners can track truck arrivals, leveller activity, door status and more in real-time, allows up to two door locks per system for added security, ensures battery backup, and automatically program the door to close after 1, 5 or 10 minutes.

“Facility management can be a stressful and demanding job, with varied and sometimes unpredictable daily challenges and often shrinking resources,” said Jeff Klein, Vice President, Commercial Business Unit of LiftMaster. By installing a motorized and connected access system like the LiftMaster Light-Duty Dock Door Operator with myQ Business Facility, managers can easily monitor access points in real-time, measure their performance, and track their current open/close door status to help increase efficiency, safety, and security, which can help improve warehouse operations and reduce overall stress levels, he added.

Business owners and other users will be leveraged with the new dock management solution as it tracks door system components for better maintenance planning; it allows users to monitor multiple commercial doors and gate to track history. The software helps to create schedules and alerts for more security. Through this multiple users can receive alerts and notifications for safety.

Facility management is a stressful job and pose challenges in front of the people. It can be reduced with the help of monitoring capabilities of LiftMaster Light-Duty Dock Door Operator as it tracks the performance easily and increase efficiency, security, and safety.

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