MagicLinks Unveils Text2Shop-Innovative New Digital Shopping Tool...

MagicLinks Unveils Text2Shop-Innovative New Digital Shopping Tool for Influencers to Connect with their Fans

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, September 03, 2020

Text2Shop, the exclusive retail tool, gives consumers direct access to purchase influencers' social content through a single text message.

FREMONT, CA: MagicLinks releases a new influencer retail tool called Text2Shop- an innovative digital shopping tool that enables influencers to seamlessly connect with their fans by offering consumers the opportunity to shop their favorite influencers content via text messaging. This latest technology delivers MagicLinks marketplace of 20,000+ influencers and 5,000+ brands with an advanced and contemporary method to connect with their fans and capitalize on their social content.

The success rate of Text2Shop has been considerable since it started testing in early April 2020. MagicLinks has experienced that the new tool drives improved engagement, delivering impressive CTRs. These numbers prove that, for consumers, the platform is seamlessly understood and navigated. For popular fashion influencers, the tool is proving to be highly successful with a social following of 400K+ fans.

Text2Shop is extremely user friendly, and its state of the art technology has made it super easy for followers to shop content on the go. With this, fans do not have to download any extra apps to use it. It is a simple and efficient way to share shoppable content in videos, photos, and captions. Influencers can literally monetize anywhere now. For other influencers in the MagicLinks network, the ease of accessing all the direct links to the offerings in one place has resulted in some posts having a CTR higher than 100%.

The success of Text2Shop is also due to its seamless user experience. Working in tandem with ObsessedWith, it, the monetization tool featured in the MagicLinks app that enables influencers to make their social posts and videos shoppable for fans. Text2Shop layers on text marketing and only takes some steps to configure. Getting ahead of the competition in the influencer space is imperative. Consumers are likely to engage eight times more with a text than an email. For MagicLink's brand partners, Text2Sho opens new doors that organically gets them closer to their consumers. By being in the buyers' toolbox, this can quickly market and efficiently measure sales in a challenging retail space.

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