Massive Adoption of CR2's Mobile App in Ethiopia: Here's Why

Massive Adoption of CR2's Mobile App in Ethiopia: Here's Why

By Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 06, 2019

It all began in 1997 when internet and self-service industries began to change the lives of people. CR2, a leading independent global banking software company, provides banks around the world with innovative omnichannel banking software. What is important for them is to work closely with the customers to meet their particular challenges and achieve their strategic objectives by providing excellent self-service banking services. They have improved self-service banking from ATM to mobile and from POS to the internet in CR2. Today, CR2 has clients in 60 countries on four continents that drive tens of thousands of ATMs and serve millions of Internet and mobile banking active users.

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CR2’s has mobile app has got wide acceptance in Ethiopia, which is being used, among other channels, to access the Dashen Bank’s pioneering mobile payment platform Amole digital wallet. Amole attracts more than 50,000 new customers every month, with more than a quarter of a million subscribers registered since its introduction in July 2018. CR2 has also launched new transformation capabilities that can further drive growth rates for financial institutions who want to dramatically increase their client base and income. By introducing end-to-end digitization of all onboarding, KYC (Know Your Customer) and account opening processes, the BankWorld Mobile App from CR2 enables banks to use mobile onboarding capabilities, gather necessary KYC details in the mobile application and register non-bank customers in minutes.

This newest version helps financial institutions throughout Africa, the Middle East and, Asia to achieve a transformation via innovative customer-centric technology that fuels economic growth. Incorporated with Secure Messaging through the BankWorld Mail system, bank customers can easily connect with bank staff, upload files safely, and have access to a designated banker. The user interface of the mobile app is built with multi-language support to ensure maximum customer involvement.

“Native onboarding and KYC capabilities mean that banks can rapidly expand their customer base at a fraction of the cost offered by a traditional branch and reach significant population levels via mobile that were previously unreachable,” says Fintan Byrne, CEO of CR2.

The mobile app is capable of providing significant benefits to some of the key areas of banking such as sales, communications, personal financial management (PFM), card control, payments, multi-language support and personalization in banking services. These key factors have been the main reason behind the massive adoption of the app that has changed the face of banking in Ethiopia.

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