Mercatus Unites with CitrusAd to Introduce Mercatus Digital...

Mercatus Unites with CitrusAd to Introduce Mercatus Digital Advertising

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, July 31, 2020

Brad Moran, CEO and Nick Paech, CMO

Mercatus collaboration with CitrusAd have empowered the company’s integrated eCommerce platform with an accessible and professionally operated native advertising program.

FREMONT, CA: Mercatus is one of the leading providers in digital commerce solutions for grocery retail. In recent times they have announced about Mercatus Digital Advertising. This is an entirely new capability that blends with the company’s integrated eCommerce platform with an accessible and professionally operated native advertising program that is powered in partnership with CitrusAd. The company is one of the world’s leading retail media platform. The grocers utilizing Mercatus can make use of this high-value digital advertising solution so that they can drive additional revenue from their eCommerce storefronts and obtain their share of national CPG digital ad dollars.

The first Mercatus clients to adopt the solution are Weis Markets, Smart & Final, and Piggly Wiggly Midwest. Besides, Mercatus retailers will also enter the network in the coming months.

In associating with CitrusAd, Mercatus has obtained access to the highly advanced retail media technology that will offer them with contextual and persuasive native advertising during the online shopping journey. Retailers utilizing the Mercatus eCommerce platform will also have an advantage of the CitrusAd Network’s retail media sales proficiency as they will assist them in driving additional revenue by monetizing traffic on their web and mobile digital commerce sites.

For grocery retailers, online advertising media can be difficult, as it has various interconnected systems, which needs substantial investments in campaign management and maintenance. With the help of digital advertising from the Mercatus platform, Mercatus grocery retailers will have access to a turnkey solution with an influential native ad that will target and report transparency.

According to Sylvain Perrier, president and CEO, Mercatus, “As online grocery sales continue to grow and traditional media channels wane in their effectiveness and popularity, digital advertising on the Mercatus platform using the CitrusAd Network will help grocery retailers access a revenue stream previously monopolized by tier-one competitors and delivery-provider marketplaces. Consumer brands and their media agencies are searching for more direct, lower-funnel conversion at the point of purchase. And that’s exactly what Mercatus Digital Advertising offers. In contrast to other retail media aggregators, grocers using the Mercatus platform can benefit by winning a significant share of online advertising revenue, enough to offset costs and quickly achieve eCommerce profitability.”

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