Metacake Introduces Ecommerce Coaching Services to Guide Businesses...

Metacake Introduces Ecommerce Coaching Services to Guide Businesses in the Wake of COVID-19

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

In response to the increased adoption of ecommerce in the wake of COVID-19, Metacake, an ecommerce growth team to some of the world's most well-known brands, has launched a new line of ecommerce coaching services.

FREMONT, CA: Thousands of retail businesses whose revenue relies on physical stores have been affected by 2020's pandemic. As a result, ecommerce as a segment has grown dramatically since March. Worldwide ecommerce sales topped USD 3.5 trillion, an increase of approximately 18 percent from the year before. Ecommerce is expected to double by 2023 to more than $6.5 billion nearly.

Metacake has long been a proponent of a diversified sales channel strategy, with ecommerce being the most crucial channel for growth. With more consumers shopping online than ever before, ecommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, presenting a substantial opportunity for businesses online.

As many businesses shift to the digital world to save their sales, there is one immediate problem: most companies are not equipped to take on ecommerce and do it well. If brands are new to or inexperienced in ecommerce, they likely do not have the expertise, knowledge, or tools necessary to make an online store successful.

In response, Metacake has added ecommerce coaching services to help businesses make the transition to ecommerce or strengthen their current ecommerce channel. These services are a lower cost option for businesses with in-house implementation or brands looking for expertise and guidance as they transition to ecommerce. Business owners will have the opportunity to receive expert advice on specific challenges and questions and thoughtful guidance on their overall ecommerce strategy.

Co-founder Ken Ott says, "Our mission is to help brands achieve stable, healthy growth using ecommerce. That is more relevant now than ever. For many brands, having a strong ecommerce channel could be the difference between thriving in the current environment or going out of business. Our team at Metacake is thrilled to offer this additional service line to assist brands in achieving healthy growth now and into the future."

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