METTLER TOLEDO Introduces FreshBase Scale for Grocery Retailers

METTLER TOLEDO Introduces FreshBase Scale for Grocery Retailers

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, November 20, 2020

FreshBase is METTLER TOLEDO's latest counter scale that is used for the fresh departments. 

FREMONT, CA: FreshBase C3 scale is the ideal choice for grocery retailers searching for in-built functionality and a simple combination of the current procedure and applications at the fresh service counters. With the assistance of FreshBase, food retailers can benefit from the improved productivity so that they can focus and give more attention to the customers and a low total cost of ownership.

FreshBase is METTLER TOLEDO's latest counter scale that is used for the fresh departments. It is developed by focusing on ergonomics, hygiene, and durability. FreshBase's robust design contains aluminum die-cast housing and groove-free exterior, which are expertly designed to survive daily usage in busy departments. The in-built user interface has a simplified operation with a familiar Graphical User Interface that decreases the navigational clicks and leverages smartphone-like gestures. The large adjustable 7 inches widescreen customer display allowed the in-store marketing of digital content and cross-promotions directly in the customer's line of sight.

Future-proof Software

FreshBase delivers improved the combination by supporting communication with the current corporate applications with the help of browser-based and web services technologies. Besides, software support makes the maintenance easy, increases self-diagnostics and in-store or remote servicing.

Enhanced Productivity

FreshBase provides the operators with an intuitive user interface that decreases the training for both new employees and experienced operators. The user-friendly interface even lessens down the training times, improves staff productivity, and eases workflows. It is engineered to offer maximum efficiency and intuitive usability, due to which FreshBase has a best-in-class adjustable, anti-glare 12.1 inches widescreen operator display.

METTLER TOLEDO is a prominent international manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. The organization is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of weighing systems that are used in laboratories, industry, and food retail. The company is also one of the three leading suppliers of several complementary measuring technologies and a foremost supplier of automated pharmaceutical research and ingredient development systems. The company is also the world's biggest manufacturer and supplier of metal recognition systems for the production and packaging industry. 

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