MishiPay Launches Mobile Self-Checkout Solution

MishiPay Launches Mobile Self-Checkout Solution

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, October 22, 2020

MishiPay is making the retail industry smarter and more and more digitalized.

FREMONT, CA: Based in London, MishiPay is a technology solution providing company that has launched a mobile self-checkout solution to empower the retail industry. This smart and automated checkout solution allows customers to scan items that they added to their cart in a store using their smartphone and pay by choosing from a large number of digital payment options. With this new solution, customers in a retail store can exit it without anybody’s consent. The innovative offering of MishiPay makes shopping, billing, and paying easier for customers without making them wait in a long queue to reach the checkout terminal.

The retail industry, with the help of self-checkout technology, is optimizing the micro markets and vending machines. By using this novel technology solution, retail customers can scan to check prices, and access all the additional and seasonal promotional information about the product, and also pay for the product by a mere click on the smartphone. In this way, customers can shop in a contactless manner, save time, reduce or eliminate all the hassle, and also gain accurate payment results.   

MishiPay is a retail pay on the go, and scan and go solution provider that is based in London. The company has its new self-checkout technology to benefit a wide panorama of the retail business stores in the market, including both the shops and their shoppers. MishiPay looks to improve the performance of the retail industry and create a more comfortable and contactless shopping environment for the customers as well. With the company's innovative solution, the retail industry is leveraging the most out of what digital technology can offer it.    

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