Mitigating Tax Determination Complexities

Mitigating Tax Determination Complexities

By Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The complexity in taxes and their calculation is high for any enterprise today, but fortunately, for companies all over the world, three entrepreneurs came together twelve years ago to solve just that. The result was Avalara, a cloud-based platform for calculating transactional taxes, for thousands of customers worldwide in real time. Transactional taxes are complex, constantly changing, and vary based on the products or services purchased or sold, the time of year, the source of supply, and the destination of the buyer.

Avalara launched Avalara TaxRates API to provide users with fast access to the latest sales tax information. This free API for developers is easily integrated into web development projects to provide real-time tax data and allowing users to quickly access the latest information on sales taxes. The TaxRates API regularly updates tax rate changes and tax limits, making it easy for developers to use current sales tax rates in their projects. It also automates tax calculations for shopping carts, online markets, and accounting platforms. Avalara AvaTax provides sales and tax calculations for purchasing carts or invoicing systems at breakneck speed, crossing thousands of rates, rules and jurisdictional limits for more precise results. Avalara Returns is a seamless end-to-end service that prepares and records returns and handles returns by a filing schedule that can be easily managed online.

Avalara, the leading cloud-based tax compliance automation provider for businesses of all sizes, announced the release of 41 newly certified integrations with accounting, ERP, e-commerce, point-of-sale, mobile, and CRM applications. Avalara certified integration partners fulfilled the criteria developed by Avalara to ensure the performance and reliability of each integration. Certified integrations are built to ensure that customers benefit from a fast, reliable, and easy process to integrate the automated tax management of Avalara into existing systems. Avalara mitigates the tedium and complexity of tax determination for millions of products and services throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and other international jurisdictions, giving customers more time to focus on their own business success. In addition, these integrations enable Avalara partner solutions customers to benefit from Avalara’s calculation of applicable taxes, charges, and surcharges for billing line items in real time.

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