NexTech Releases 'Try-It-On', a web-based AR Product for Online Retail

NexTech Releases 'Try-It-On', a web-based AR Product for Online Retail

By Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

NexTech AR Solutions launches ‘Try-It-On’, an AR product that enables customers of online vendors to view eyewear before they buy it. This new solution for online retailers uses its facial tracking capabilities and AI-assisted computer vision technology to provide a realistic experience that enables the customers to view themselves while they wear certain items such as- headwear, glasses, jewelry, etc. NexTech plans to support the tracking of lips, mouths, ears, and other zones above the shoulder in the near future.

Its ‘Try-it-On’ feature is integrated into eCommerce solution and can be built into retailer’s websites, meaning, that now customers don’t have to download any cumbersome software or application. These solutions can also be embedded in banner ads and on social media mediums like Facebook and Twitter as a part of outreach to lure the existing and the potential buyers.

“One of the most significant pain points that remains in online retail for a consumer is the inability to try something on before they buy it,” said Evan Gappelberg, chief executive of NexTech. “This often leads to frustration, the ordering of incorrectly sized items and unnecessary returns that are costly to the retailer.”

NexTech’s AR solutions for eCommerce are web-based are as simple as possible to integrate with only a few lines of code which implies that e-retailers don’t require significant development time or expertise to get it up and to run.

“Technologies like augmented reality shouldn’t be available only to large brands with deep pockets,” Gappelberg said. “There are thousands of small to midsize retailers that don’t have budgets or technical know-how to develop the AR technology in-house that could significantly boost sales by implementing such a technology. By eliminating the need for developing an app and offering a simple, cost-effective web-based program, NexTech democratizes AR use and makes it available to everyone, empowering online retailers of all sizes to offer a personalized 3-D-AR shopping experience to their consumers without cutting into profits.”

The company's AR platform for eCommerce provides online retailers with the tools that empower shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions, which ultimately leads to conversions, and increases ROI.

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