OnQ Helps Retailers Cope with New Shopping Reality During COVID-19

OnQ Helps Retailers Cope with New Shopping Reality During COVID-19

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, August 31, 2020

For retailers, OnQ's new offering is diverse and offers a number of solutions to suit various retail environments, each of which can be customized to any setting.

FREMONT, CA: OnQ, a manufacturer of custom retail displays, introduces antimicrobial retail display solutions. OnQ has teamed up with Vital Vio, to embed the company's patented antimicrobial LED lighting technology into high-touch retail surfaces, continually reducing the growth of bacterial pathogens on these surfaces.

COVID-19 has been a wake-up call for the retail industry, causing retailers to reshape in-store experiences to prioritize shopper health and safety. The biggest challenge OnQ sees for brands and retail partners is making in-store shopping safer without sacrificing the rewarding, interactive experiences that attract customers in the first place. Unlike ultraviolet light, which is dangerous when people are exposed to this light, Vital Vio's antimicrobial LED light is specifically designed for continuous and unrestricted use around people.

OnQ's LED solution, powered by Vital Vio, is designed to attach directly to existing retail displays, to be configured as an overhead attachment to an entire display, or to be applied as smaller individual attachments to protect specific products within a larger display. OnQ's new antimicrobial solutions, powered by Vital Vio, are fully customizable and can be adapted to virtually any retail setting. Retrofitting existing displays is straightforward and can typically be completed in hours, greatly minimizing retailer downtime. Any new OnQ display can be configured to include antimicrobial elements to suit the specific retailer needs.

OnQ designs, engineers, and manufactures custom retail displays. OnQ's modular, flexible retail display platform enables retailers and brands to easily and cost-effectively refresh product assortment with minimal disruption. The company's displays are used to showcase a variety of product categories, including consumer electronics, home automation, pet care, health and beauty, and household products.

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