Robotic Arms in Retail Industry

Robotic Arms in Retail Industry

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, December 28, 2020

Apart from assisting the customers in finding what they are searching for or just taking care of inventory management, robotic arms dominate the retail industry in various ways.

FREMONT, CA: Robots are revolutionizing the digital world with their unique and extraordinary potentials to perform tasks in seconds that human beings take hours or even days to complete. Robots are no longer limited to warehouses, where they arrange heavy machinery. They have evolved to help human surgeons and even surveil and support operations in wars. However, the invention of robots eases the job, as it requires the least manual intervention and produces more accurate and satisfying outcomes. Most of the advantages of robots are noticeable in productivity, safety, and saving time and money.

An essential reason that makes robots more potential and efficient is its partnership with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This combination of robots and AI/ML brings improved efficiency and productivity as they release flexibility and learning capabilities in rigid applications. Robots inculcated with AI and ML are extensively used in the customer service sector, interacting with their customers. The more these robots communicate with humans, the more they learn. Also, these robots with AI can run visual inspection, acoustic inspection, and prescriptive repair. They can identify defects such as slight chips in the paint or broken tabs, sense the variations in vibrations or sound in automobile engines without having to dismantle the product, and offer solutions and guidance to fix them.

Organizations have started implementing IoT solutions and using IoT embedded systems for several applications that enhance in-store operations like increasing purchases, reducing robbery, allowing inventory management, and improving the consumer shopping experience. Through IoT, retailers in brick and mortar shops can compete against online challengers. They can get the market share they lost and attract more consumers into the store, making it seamless for them to buy more while saving money. Smart and intelligent robotic arms attract businesses and organizations in the industry by promising to boost their business and digital transformation journey. The best part is that robots can do all this without the cost and effort needed to traditional application development and testing approaches.

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