Skupos to Empower Independent Retailers Using Clover

Skupos to Empower Independent Retailers Using Clover

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 06, 2020

Jake Bolling, CEO

With stress on independent stores and small chains, the Skupos platform allows both retailers and brands to stay competitive in the industry with a better understanding of their end customers.

FREMONT, CA: Skupos, the platform that connects the convenience retail industry, makes its suite of point-of-sale (POS) solutions accessible to retailers with the integration on the Clover platform from Fiserv, a pioneering provider of financial technology solutions. With this, independent retail stores can now run their businesses efficiently while offering brand-funded programs, discounts, and promotions.

Skupos expects to support independent retailers like convenience, liquor, and tobacco shops grow revenue with scan data programs, compete on value with brand-funded discounts, and streamline sales with real-time analytics. Currently available in the Clover App Market, Skupos allows merchants to take advantage from the company's suite of value-added POS solutions including, Skupos Scan Data (earn revenue by scanning products that retailers sell), Skupos Multi-Discount (boost basket size with fully funded discounts on multi-purchases), and Skupos Engage (increase revenue through competitive, brand-funded promotions)

The combination of the above three gives retailers an opportunity to enroll in fully managed, brand-funded programs that assist in maximizing revenue through product discounts and promotions boost customer loyalty. At the same time, with the Skupos dashboard, stores can better understand their sales activities at the store level. Integrating with Clover tackles the independent retailers' challenge of competing with larger players by producing an end-to-end sales and software solution that powers smaller and more resource-sensitive retailers to increase sales revenue, retain customers, and harmonize their business to be more profitable.

The cloud-based POS technology from Clover, enabling merchants to personalize their POS systems based on business needs, allows instant, easy setup to implement contactless and mobile payments. Skupos creates revenue across all segments of the retail industry through technology that connects brands to shoppers.

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