The OMNIQ Corp. have Introduces their E-Commerce Platform

The OMNIQ Corp. have Introduces their E-Commerce Platform

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The e-commerce platform of OMNIQ Corp. will offer its users a website that will improve their efficiency and reduce their order cycle.

FREMONT, CA: OMNIQ Corp. is a provider of the Supply Chain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions. They have declared that their Quest Solution division has introduced an online B2B platform that offers the users with hardcore supply chain solutions and from the most trustworthy brands.

The website of the company offers the clients with a clean, uncluttered design, has accessible functions, and even robust content. The website also improves the efficiency of the customers as they reduce their order cycle and offer a real-time solution that is available 24/7.

In the site of the hardcore supply chain solution, OMNIQ offers rugged handheld mobile computers, RFID devices, and barcode scanners. This equipment is designed so that the workforce can increase productivity by collecting and tracking the data. They can conduct the tasks by utilizing the integrated features with the help of handheld devices, which are the fastest and most reliable wireless connection available inside and outside the four walls. Furthermore, the tools mainly designed for industrial purposes can enhance the efficiencies by offering the users with fast and appropriate control of data collection, shipping or receiving, warehouse and inventory management, and processing.

The President and CEO of OMNIQ, Shai Lustgarten, stated that "we have built our success partnering with and addressing the needs of some of the leading Fortune 500 companies. Our new robust, user-friendly e-commerce site is designed to target middle range and smaller customers that represent a significant market share with different procurement characteristics. The new site enhances our customers experience by providing 24/7 access to our comprehensive selection of top brands while fostering an efficient one-stop-shopping capability. The launch of our e-commerce capability is an exciting new feature reflecting our focus on technology innovation, as well as marketing and sales channels, to address new segments in the marketplace and generate growth for the company."

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