Visa's Tap to Phone Marks a New Era for Contactless Payment

Visa's Tap to Phone Marks a New Era for Contactless Payment

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Visa empowers the retail industry with a Tap to Phone contactless payment solution.

FREMONT, CA: Visa has launched its new Tap to Phone contactless payment solution in more than 15 markets with plans to expand to the United States and accelerate global product growth in the rest of the world. Tap to Phone solution enables retail businesses in the modern market to accept payments with a mere tap of any NFC-enabled Android Device that needs no additional hardware. Visa is excited about this innovation and looks at it as an opportunity to transform mobile phones to payment devices. Tap to Phone is sure to reinvent the physical shopping experience in an unimaginable manner.

Tap to Phone can elevate consumer experience to a great extent. The solution provides the feature of line busting. With fulfilling the six-foot social distancing mandate, Tap to Phone enables customers to seamlessly and quickly tap and pay in a contactless manner and checkout. Visa holds the pride of having its offering eliminate any need for a standalone ticket machine or additional validation hardware or connectors.

Visa’s Tap to Phone allows customers to shop and close the transaction from a remote location regardless of place and even pay without a hardline POS or payment accessories. Additionally, the solution removes all and any friction that customers would have to otherwise face in terms of a complex payment hardware paraphernalia like a POS system and more. In this way, the new payment solution offers both personalized service and ease of payment as well. Visa is one of the leading global payment technology companies, which helps businesses to use digital currency.

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