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Importance of Testing for Better B2B APIs and Best Practices
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APIs are getting accepted across a range of industries. However, there are still some unsolved problems.  Increased usage of APIs in creating an interlinked network of banks, businesses, and consumers translates to an increased need for...

Fortifying Retail Payment with Apt Data Protection Strategies
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The evolution of retail payment witnessed in the last few years has exposed countless challenges to the security of consumer payment data in the financial sector and the economy at large. Shifting consumers’ purchasing decisions can greatly...

Choosing the Best CRM for a Manufacturer
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Though CRM’s have become the new buzzword for companies, manufacturers aren’t seeing it as a utility for businesses because they believe that their revenues are from existing customers or repeat sales. For them, a CRM is nothing but an...

Accounting for Online Payment Security as a Practice
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Vennard Wright, CIO, WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)

As consumers and recipients of services from utilities, our least favorite things about receipt of those services is paying bills. As service providers, one of the areas of most obvious concern is securing information and data related to those...

Boosting Revenue through Surveillance
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With a combination of video surveillance and radio frequency identification (RFID), retailers can not only improve inventory protection but also gather insights into customer preference and buying habits. RFID utilizes radio waves to send signals...

5 Tips To Make Sure Your Business Opens As Scheduled With Right Permits In Hand
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Scot Ferraro, Director, Wolters Kluwer’s CT Corporation [FWB:WOSB]

A national phone carrier ran into a big problem as it opened a slew of storefronts in shopping centers across the country. Too many times, with opening dates set, the shops couldn’t throw open the doors as scheduled for one simple reason:...

How the Internet of Things is Changing the Approach to Technology and Business
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Ed McLaughlin, CIO, Mastercard

With the ongoing and accelerating changes in the technologies available to your (and your competitors’) business, it is certainly an exciting time to sit in the Chief Information Officer seat. The changing technical landscape creates great...

Revving the Tech-ometer
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Keith Crerar, Executive VP, TradeRev

Technology is significantly changing the way dealers approach vehicle acquisition, inventory, remarketing and sales. New apps and tools that are designed to build and optimize efficiencies, create new channels of business, foster connectivity,...

"How Brick-and-Mortar Stores Survive the Shift in Consumer Demand"
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Guy Amisano, CEO, Salient Management Company

In many ways, it is a challenging time for brick-and-mortar retailers. Recent store closures from big box brands such as Macy’s and Sears show that changing consumer demand continues to affect the retail industry, particularly...

The Post- Office Generation
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Ryan Byrd, CIO & VP Engineering, Entrata

It is no secret that Google completely revolutionized the workplace with their browser-based email offering (Gmail) back in 2004. An incredible six years later, in 2010, Microsoft followed suit with Office 365. But by that time, it had become a...

Improving Agile Product Owner Effectiveness in Business Services Organizations
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John David Woods, CMO, Dotcom Distribution

Experienced agile project managers and product owners often have trouble adapting to their new environment when entering the fast paced and often chaotic world of business services. In past positions, I have managed technology for data services,...

How 7-Eleven Uses Technology to Keep Everyone Connected
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Steve Holland, Chief Technology and Digital Officer (CTO/CDO), 7-Eleven

At 7-Eleven, convenience is our business. We know that in order to create a convenient environment for customers, it’s crucial that every part of our operation runs smoothly. Our franchisees’ time and effort is our most valuable...

The Omni- Channel Challenge
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Chad Ehmke, CIO, Sally Beauty Holdings

Retail and the rise of the Omni-Channel Experiences It’s difficult to read any article lately regarding the future of retail without coming across the words “Omni- Channel”, or “Multi-Channel”. It’s even...

DCS Synthesis: Creating a Smart Experiential Space for Retail
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Jimmy Teo, CEO

Develops payment solutions to automate retail operations

Deep North: Sparking the Retail Renaissance
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Michael Adair, CEO

Provides video analytics solutions using computer vision, AI, and deep learning technologies to help retailers improve the in-store customer journey and drive sales...

Sentient Technologies: The Retail Trailblazers
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Babak Hodjat, CEO and Co-Founder

Sentient Technologies’ Aware is an AI-powered shopping experience designed for the mobile-first world

Deposco: Radical Optimization of Supply Chain Operations
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Bill Gibson, CEO

Provides comprehensive suite of omni-channel fulfillment solutions for retailers

Givex: DataCulture in Retail Space
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Don Gray, CEO

Customer Engagement Tools for Data Driven Decisions in the retail POS space through a comprehensive platform

Epos Now: Business-boosting Mobile Retail Management
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Jacyn Heavens, Founder & CEO

Provides cloud-based POS software to streamline retail operations

Cegid Group: Managing Retail with User-Friendly Platform
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Jean Michel Aulas, Chairman

Delivers cloud services and enterprise software to private companies and public entities

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