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Digital Wallets -It's about Ecosystems
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Mark Horbal, CIO/CTO, SpringBIG

Digital Wallets and Mobile Payment systems are here to stay. What is not obvious is who will surface as the leader, although we can certainly see who some of the players are. Where there are players, there are also winners and losers, and the...

How to Boost Brand Loyalty
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Developing and sustaining a brand is a valuable asset when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. Here are strategies to ensure the best brand experience for your customers. Watch out for fragmented messaging TV and radio, email,...

The New Value Case for Mobile Apps: A Foundation for Immersive Commerce
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Dave Nickens, Mobile Director,

Over the last several years there has been much debate around Mobile Apps. Should we have one? What level of investment should we make? For this discussion, let’s focus on native apps, consumer expectations, and the intersection of emerging...

The Emerging Role of an eCommerce CIO
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Nicholas Pendrous, CIO, Dotcom Distribution

I have been the CIO at Dotcom Distribution for nearly five years, serving emerging and established e-commerce retailers, all the while observing how the focus of their businesses and the ways we support them have evolved. From creating and...

Your Customers are on Smartphones: Are You Giving them Dumb Apps?
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Michael Jaconi, CEO & Co-Founder, Button

People continue to spend more time on mobile, requesting, purchasing, and booking the exact products they want, at the exact time they want them. Every retailer must have a mobile app strategy, one that can fulfill these on-demand behaviors and...

"Embracing Social Media to Enhance the Customer Experience"
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Jim McCann, Founder and CEO,

At, we believe our best product is our customer experience. In an effort to enhance the customer experience, we recognize delivering strong customer service through social media leads to an increase in brand loyalty and repeat...

eGrove Systems Launches Elite m-Commerce to Help Online Store Owners
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PARLIN, NJ: eGrove Systems, a provider of IT solutions has launched Elite m-Commerce, a platform that helps online store owners create their own m-Commerce apps. It also enables them in making necessary transition from web based transactions to...

USAePay Launches its Android App Version 1.3.8
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GLENDALE, CA: USAePay, payment gateway service provider has released their Android App updated version 1.3.8.  The updated version of Android App includes new features like having the ability to collect location data of transactions and...

The Omni- Channel Challenge
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Chad Ehmke, CIO, Sally Beauty Holdings

Retail and the rise of the Omni-Channel Experiences It’s difficult to read any article lately regarding the future of retail without coming across the words “Omni- Channel”, or “Multi-Channel”. It’s even...

MartMobi's Next- Gen Mobile Commerce Platform Help Online Retailers to Gain Profits
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SAN JOSE, CA: As more than 95 percent of online retailers are not optimized for mobile and have lost billions of dollars during the holiday season because of poor mobile offerings, MartMobi, a mobile technology company has come up with its next...

WooPOS: Fast and Easy Retail POS for Ultimate Customer Experience
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Benny Zhu, Founder & CEO

WooPOS offers a Windows-based POS software to help retailers manage retail stores at multiple locations with apt inventory management, data analytics, sales processing and employee management

Foko Retail: The Art and Science of Retail Execution
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Marc Gingras, CEO

Delivering the art and science of in-store execution

AML: Driving Retail through Effective Engagement
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Mike Kearby, President

Provider of innovative kiosk solutions for retailers of all sizes

Enactor: Enabling Digital Retail
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Derrick Hurley, MD

Providing a digital retail platform to enable an omni-channel and unified commerce environment

Appetize Technology: Presenting an In-Seat Catering Experience
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Max Roper, CEO & CTO

Delivers game-changing enterprise POS solution using best-in-class hardware and developing scalable and secure software

Electronic Merchant Systems: Transforming the Payments Landscape
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Merrell Sheehan, VP, Product Development

Provides mobile payment solutions to merchants on a pay-per-use basis, without monthly fees

Sionic Mobile: Pushing the Barriers of Mobile Commerce
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Ronald Herman, Founder & CEO

Supports retail businesses with solutions to enable an efficient use of loyalty rewards from customers’ standpoint

NCR Corporation [NYSE:NCR]: Reinventing Retail
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William Nuti, CEO

NCR’s portfolio of retail solutions enables seamless consumer interactions, whether in the store, on the go or at home

SmartCard Marketing Systems, Inc. [OTC:SMKG]: Simplifying Payment Processing End to End
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Massimo Barone, CEO & Chairman of the Payment Advisory Committee

Provides payment technology and processing solutions for banks with a small or large portfolio of merchants

IBCnet: Pathway to Next Level Ecommerce
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Michael M. Vaknin, President & CEO

Provides end-to-end ecommerce solutions, with strong focus on return on investment

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