4 Critical Functionalities Leading to an Effective Order Management
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The dynamic market space demands better order management practices that will lead to secure, scalable, and time-bound product delivery. FREMONT, CA: The growing demand for the supply of customized goods is enhancing the need for companies to...

Why Retail CIOs Should Embrace Technology
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The retail sector, by utilizing technology, can improve customer relationships by providing them with industry best options, which can be accessed through a human touch on a digital screen. FREMONT, CA: The companies embracing marketing...

How POS Technology Can Benefit Retailers in the Future?
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As the POS technology evolves, retailers will have every opportunity to create an environment that offers products to the customers but also enables an ideal customer experience. FREMONT, CA: Digital evolution is notably one of the most...

Three Major Aspects of CRM Data to Boost the Marketing Outcome
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CRM data should be an essential asset for retailers as it helps them to keep track of the customers with their brands to accelerate marketing outcomes. FREMONT, CA: Gone are the days when target customers opened the emails sent by retailers....

Will AI be Able to Revive Brick-and-Mortar Retail?
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The brick-and-mortar retail stores are shrinking as more and more online retail shopping is taking over. How will these stores be able to fight back? Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the answer to all the problems faced by brick-and-mortar retail?...

How AI and Data will Help CMOs Put Customers at the Forefront
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Jess O’Reilly, Regional Vice President, Marketing Cloud, Asia, Salesforce

CMOs looking to get ahead and stand out from competition need to be able to prescribe a hyper-personalized journey and experience for each of their customer–whether they have just 10 or 10 million. But how do they realistically scale...

Speed is the Name of the Game
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Meerah Rajavel, CIO, Forcepoint

1. How has your IT operating model in cloud changed during the last five years? As a security company, we have been thoughtfully embracing cloud over the past five years. For me the big shift is going from “Why cloud” to “Why...

The Benefits of Tinkering over Reinvention
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Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG

We have all had occasions where we’ve felt that a lack of cutting-edge technology is holding us back. ‘If only this system could talk to this one’; ‘if we put an AI solution in there, it would improve our efficiency...

Taking AI the Last Mile in Retail The Key to Unlocking Insights that AI Provides
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Tim Collins, President, Aimia's Intelligent Shopper Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning provide insights at a level of granularity and speed that we would not have dreamed of even five years ago. For some CIOs and business leaders there is a perception that taking humans out of...

Dawn of a New Era in eCommerce
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Chris Brook-Carter, Managing Director of RWRC (Ascential)

The retail landscape of today looks radically different from that of ten years, even five years ago. Digital disruption and the adoption of technology has reduced barriers to entry for brands and new retailers and put unprecedented pressure on...

Artificial and Emotional Intelligence: The Corporate Balancing Act
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Nick Burton, Vice President Digital Development, Avon

Companies are standing on the precipice of technological revolutions every. Single. Day. Coupled with an increasing need to understand workforces and customers, balancing human connection with convenience is a real corporate conundrum....

Natural Intelligence and Artificial Expectations
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Gael DE Talhouet, Vice President Brand Building, Essity GMBH

Contrarily to most legacy IT solutions and platforms, AI is not a tech tool that runs in the background. It is not an enabler that business and customer-facing people can ignore. As a well-known quantum physics principle explains it, the very fact...

Digital Signage to Revolutionize the Retail Experience
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Digitalizing the business by enhancing personalization and leveraging artificial intelligence will increase CRM, and thereby increase the growth of the retail industry. FREMONT, CA: Starting from shopping malls to airports or restaurants,...

AI in Retail is no Longer the Future, It is the Present
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Charging up with machine learning and humans, everything comes in handy with a human touch, making it easier for retailers to enhance CRM in the retail industry. FREMONT, CA: Technology has found its place in society because of its advancement...

The Home Depot selects Savanna, Bad news for Fraudsters
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Adam Haight, SVP of Sales

Zebra Technologies reveals the news about The Home Depot adopting the Zebra Savanna Data Services to prevent fraud as well as achieve business objectives with ease. FREMONT, CA: Zebra Technologies Corporation is an enterprise known for...

Technology that will Revolutionize the Retail Industry in 2019
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Retail Industry experiences a paradigm shift with technology that retailers must keep an eye on to meet the growing customer expectations. FREMONT, CA: Gone are the days when streets were crammed with small retail stores, with people...

3 Insights for Retailers to Level Up Sales
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Retailers need to adapt to technologies that will drive them towards taking advantage of smart practices and enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.     FREMONT, CA: The retail industry is evolving faster than ever,...

Manhattan Associates and Newmine Join Hands to Leverage Unified Commerce
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Navjit Bhasin, Founder & CEO

The partnership will look to equip retailers with market-leading omnichannel solutions that deliver a persistent, holistic retail shopping experience. FREMONT CA: Manhattan Associates, an Atlanta-based developer of supply chain software, has...

Smart Data-Driven Analytics for Optimized Shopping Experiences
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Alexei Agratchev, Co-Founder & CEO

RetailNext’s data-driven analytics will help the retailer Vitamin Shoppe in enhancing their customer experiences. FREMONT, CA: RetailNext, a global leader in retail IoT and smart store analytics for optimizing shopper experiences,...

Thriving Customer Value with Retail Technologies
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The primary key to customer satisfaction is to anticipate market demand while offering them a distinct competitive advantage of innovative solutions. FREMONT, CA: New technology wave is increasing at a phenomenal pace, and these recent...