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4 Tech Trends Poised to Transform the Retail Industry
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Retail industry is ever-evolving and understanding shoppers' changing needs and leveraging novel technologies will help the sector bag a futuristic revolution. FREMONT, CA: To catch up with the advances in shoppers and their latest shopping...

Augmenting the E-commerce Landscape with AR
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Virtual and augmented reality is helping many verticals to predict the future of the marketing industry. FREMONT, CA: Each year, the marketing team from various enterprises revamps their marketing campaigns by integrating various innovative...

Technologies in Retail Industry Delivering Truly Customer-First Experience
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FREMONT, CA: Of course, retailers are already making major investments in tech: Wal-Mart alone has spent over 10.5 billion dollars on IT and tops the list of the world's greatest technological investors. However, many retailers struggle to...

How Physical Stores Digitalize Shopping Experiences
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Online shopping has globally revolutionized the conventions of the retailing industry. The customization conceptualizations, computerized trade and marketing methods, secured universal payment gateways, and more such capabilities are adding value...

How Emerging Technologies are Changing the Retail Landscape
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E-commerce capitalized on consumer's desire for convenience, but the rise of it has induced a plague on brick and mortar stores. For them to stay open and stay competitive, they must revolutionize the way they operate. Some of the potential...

Breaking Down the Retail Complications
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Robert Mills, EVP, Chief Technology, Digital Commerce and Strategy Officer, Tractor Supply Company

1) How has the advent of latest innovations around retail management technologies impacted the industry? In your opinion, how would it reshape the retail landscape? We are currently living in a period where the pace of change is dramatically...

Increasing Customer Engagement through Data and Technology
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Courtney Graybill, Vice President, Customer Experience & Product Management, David's Bridal

Courtney Graybill devises customer experience roadmaps and executes on those strategies to drive shopper engagements for David’s Bridal. She has been focusing on customer satisfaction and business value for various organizations by...

Disruptive Technologies that are Transforming the Face of Retail
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Digital transformations have revamped the working of the sectors unimaginably. Technological advancement has intensified the competition among enterprises, transformed business models and eliminated geographical barriers. The retail...

Trends that are Shaping Up the Retail industry
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Technologies are changing the way of doing business with opening up new channels and providing retail stores with new ways to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Customers today demand quick services because of the availability of...

How Retailers can benefit from technology?
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The rise of E-commerce and online shopping has a led to the downfall of retail business as Consumers prefer to purchase products online than to drive down to the store Connecting with the customer Digital marketing has opened up numerous...

Ushering to e-commerce era via technology
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Today technologies are transforming the ways of doing business with opening up new channels and providing e-commerce stores with new ways to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Customers now need quick service. Nowadays, it is all about...

What are Some Game-Changers that Retailers can Embrace in the 2018 E-commerce Market?
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Dara Meath, Vice President - Information Technology, The Camuto Group

Today Ecommerce has gone beyond the tradition of buying goods online without purpose. Merchants have to master how consumers shopping online by presenting the same visual dynamic, personal experience and simplicity of being in-store. As brick and...

The Changing Face of Retail Shopping with Augmented Reality
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With the invasion of technology, using Artificial Intelligence, IoT retail shopping has become fun. Customers do not have to visit shops and check whether they are ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Today, a smartphone functions as a...

How VR and AR Technologies are Redefining Business
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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play an instrumental role in improving purchasing experiences through enhanced self-service capabilities. By integrating the speech enablement with the natural language processing (NLP) engines, the...

The New Value Case for Mobile Apps: A Foundation for Immersive Commerce
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Dave Nickens, Mobile Director,

Over the last several years there has been much debate around Mobile Apps. Should we have one? What level of investment should we make? For this discussion, let’s focus on native apps, consumer expectations, and the intersection of emerging...

The Digital Retail Tools of the Future
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Marc Biosi, Global Director, Sitel

From personalized emails prompting me to purchase items I’ve reviewed to ads popping up in my social media feeds, retailers are using every tool they can to reach and engage with today’s consumers. Among this digital...

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Guest Experience
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Kathy Tan Mayor, SVP & CMO, Carnival Cruise Line

Technology gives us marketers degrees of freedom to not only do things better, but also do better things. In pursuit of elevated customer paths to purchase guest experiences, it’s a very exciting time to be a marketer, especially in the...

Role of Augmented Reality in Retail
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Rekha (Sasirekha) Ramesh, SVP, Global Head of IT & Digital Strategy, Daymon Worldwide

The success of Pokémon GO brought Augmented Reality to the center stage and provided retailers a platform to reach its consumers in many creative ways. With the prediction of $105 billion dollars’ investments expected in augmented...

Top 6 Retail Analytics Trends of 2017
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Jeff Huckaby, Segment Director, Retail and Consumer Goods, Tableau Software [NASDAQ: DATA]

Business intelligence norms are evolving across the retail industry, and leading retailers are prioritizing analytics initiatives as a result. More retail and consumer-goods companies are opening up their data to executives and front-line...

CX Strategies: A Shot In The Dark?
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Waves Mowatt-Kane, Director, Customer Experience, Amtrak

When trying to hit a target, the mantra is often “Ready, Aim, Fire.” But, in business, how do you know whether you have the right target in your sights? Discovering the right target can be more important than hitting the wrong one....