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Facts To Keep In Mind Before Adding Data-Intensive Technologies In The Retail Industry
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As suggested in a survey, retailers involve more data-intensive technology while neglecting the IT framework's efficiency. Is this appropriate for their organizations? FREMONT, CA: According to the 2019 Retail Technology Survey, the...

5 Ways Retail Analytics Is Changing Its Facade and Beyond
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By using retail analytics techniques, companies can recognize high-value customers and identify the best channels to market their products. FREMONT, CA: Consumer demands are changing at a rapid pace, and companies must keep up with them. With...

3 Insights for Retailers to Level Up Sales
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Retailers need to adapt to technologies that will drive them towards taking advantage of smart practices and enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.     FREMONT, CA: The retail industry is evolving faster than ever,...

Big Data: Key to Excellent Customer Experience
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Big data allows companies to gather data from a wide range of sources, which can be exploited to understand the hidden patterns and future dynamics of the market. FREMONT, CA: Big data had been a significant advancement that has proved its...

Big Data Analytics: Reinforcing data-driven organizations
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FREMONT, CA: Learning how to improve manufacturing from every item made is a boon. If proper and enough tools are there, every unit can teach something. Data Analytics-based tools have changed the way companies do business globally. With these...

AaaS: Harnessing the Capabilities of Business Data Analytics
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FREMONT, CA: Big Data can be a tough proposition for many companies as conventional tools, and on-premise techniques could be the wrong approach. A combination of big data and cloud—Data Analytics as a Service —can ease the adoption of...

Boosting Store - Level Performance through Big Data
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Dr. Cheryl Flink, Chief Strategy Officer, Market Force

Big data analytics has transformed the retail world in ways we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. With the abundance of new data-driven technologies at their disposal, retailers can learn more than ever about their customers’ buying...

Customized Retailing is the New Black
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Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, VP, TUMI

It’s easy to over complicate. Ultimately retail is divided by two lowest common denominators of data—at the product level and at the customer level. Product may be SKU or UPC and customer in this day in age is primarily email address....

The Predictive Value of Big Data in Retail Applications
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Steve Van Till, President and CEO, Brivo Systems

As interesting as Big Data can be for finding patterns in the past, its biggest promise for security lies in being able to predict the future. No, we’re not talking about some sort of Minority Report dystopia where the state peers into your...

Technologies in Retail Industry Delivering Truly Customer-First Experience
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FREMONT, CA: Of course, retailers are already making major investments in tech: Wal-Mart alone has spent over 10.5 billion dollars on IT and tops the list of the world's greatest technological investors. However, many retailers struggle to...

Redefining the In-Store Experience Digitally
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FREMONT, CA: Technology might have created some muddle, but it is a fueling force that can create engaging in-store experiences, enhanced transactions, compelling, and personalized touch points. The digital technology is no threat to the most...

Cloud and IoT Technologies in Grocery Retail
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Jozo Džakula, CIO, Konzum

Lately everybody talks about new technologies, digital transformation, cloud, IoT, Big Data… But what does it really mean, and how it helps in grocery retail daily operations? Online grocery sale is still very small portion of total sales,...

Meeting the Changing Needs of Customers
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Joseph Santamaria, CIO, PSEG [NYSE: PEG]

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey and PSEG hard. Tens of thousands of utility lines were downed by trees, 2,400 utility poles were damaged, thousands of gas meters were flooded and power plants saw water rise well above historic levels,...

Integrated Digital Technologies for Retail
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Reid Greenberg, SVP, Kantar Retail

1) eCommerce Companies have to integrate data across the retail enterprise to have a 360-degree view of the customer, but it’s not an easy thing to do. What are your thoughts on getting this act right? Data integration is typically one...

The Importance of Innovation in Supply Chains
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Barbara (Hodel) Schwarzentraub, Director of Parts Distribution, Caterpillar [NYSE :CAT]

IoT’s Contribution To succeed in any market, the customers that supply chains serve must make more money or receive more value from the products and services that the supply chains are serving them. At Caterpillar, this means that our...

Simplify Supply Chain with Technology
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Stuart Scott, EVP and CIO, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. [NASDAQ: JBHT]

Internet of Things (IoT) for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry According to research and advisory firm Gartner, five billion devices are connected to the internet today. By the year 2020, that number is projected to grow to twenty billion....

How Tomorrow's Technologies are Changing Today's Supply Chains
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Chad Lindbloom, CIO, C.H. Robinson

Cloud computing, TMS, internet of things, big data all are technology conversations happening in and outside of the supply chain and logistics industry. Companies globally are evaluating these and other technologies and how they can positively...

Disruptive Technologies that are Transforming the Face of Retail
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Digital transformations have revamped the working of the sectors unimaginably. Technological advancement has intensified the competition among enterprises, transformed business models and eliminated geographical barriers. The retail...

Big Data in Retail: Overcoming Challenges and Grabbing Opportunities
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Retail has become an extremely competitive and complex environment that is always needed for an active online presence. Through eTail trailblazers, the online presence of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers gives rise to client...

Unveiling the Implications of Blockchain Innovation in the Retail Industry
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The blockchain technology continues to revolutionize the internal working of many industries, and some of its anticipated applications are finally bearing fruit now. The retail sector is young technology’s ripest targets, both in the context...