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Better Performance Through Insight: How Technology Can Get You From 80/20 to 20/80
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Nick Fischer, Senior Vice President & CFO, Betteridge

Several key ingredients contribute to your success in implementing a performance management infrastructure and achieving sustained, profitable growth. First, establishing measurable performance goals and priority objectives with clear milestones...

Business Intelligence: New Data and Insights Propel Fraud Fighting Solutions Ahead
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Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing, Kount

The term Business Intelligence (BI) was introduced in the early 90s to describe an exciting new way to extract insight and create visual reports from stored data across the enterprise. This new insight, shared typically in the form of BI reports...

Marketing Disruption: Role of the CIO
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Shirish Lal, COO & CTO, Harte Hanks [NYSE:HHS]

The last five years has seen a dramatic change in CMO’s engagement in technology decisions. From Gartner declaring the CMO will make more IT purchasing decisions than the CIO; to Accenture becoming the world’s largest digital agency;...

The Missing Puzzle Piece: How Workforce Analytics can help Complete the Picture to Unlock Customer Value?
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Helen M. Friedman, Director, Willis Towers Watson

Picture this: A senior leadership team is reviewing store results and, by all accounts, two particular store profiles look roughly the same. Customer demographics: similar. Market conditions: similar. Yet, one location is seeing major issues with...

The Emerging Role of an eCommerce CIO
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Nicholas Pendrous, CIO, Dotcom Distribution

I have been the CIO at Dotcom Distribution for nearly five years, serving emerging and established e-commerce retailers, all the while observing how the focus of their businesses and the ways we support them have evolved. From creating and...

Leverage The Customer's Personal Mobile Interaction Point
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Debra Jensen, CIO, Charlotte Russe

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs Business Intelligence. We’re all collecting / accessing all kinds of information both internally and externally to our company. There is a wealth of information that if used correctly...

The Evolution of Technology for E-commerce
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Robert Killory, Chief Innovation Officer, 3CLogic

The technology used to handle e-commerce has a habit of both leading and lagging the industry—and where the technology in use lies in relation to channels is the key to understanding whether it is an enabler or an inhibitor. Dynamic channels...

QuantiSense Retail Analytics Software and Services Added to Epicor Product Portfolio
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AUSTIN, TX: Epicor Software Corporation, provider of business software solutions for retail, manufacturing, distribution, and services organizations, announces the completion of the acquisition of QuantiSense, a provider of cloud and on-premises...

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Dan Friedman, COO, North America

Provides an easy-to-use, feature-rich POS solution that enables retailers to optimize business processes and increase profitability worldwide...

Impiger Technologies, Inc.: Customized Retail Mobile Solution
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Jude Ramayya, Founder, President, & CEO

Impiger is a technology driven company that leverages mobile, cloud and web technologies to help businesses better engage with customers and employees

Klipfolio: Unparalleled Visibility with Pre-Built Dashboards
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Allan Wille, President & CEO

Provides a cloud-based business intelligence dashboard for continuous monitoring of business performance.

Realtime POS: Real Time Merchandising Solutions for Smart Retailers
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Realtime POS

Develops retail point of sale software systems for the specialty retailer

MRI Software: Bringing Business Intelligence to Life
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Brian Zrimsek, Chief Products Officer

Provider of innovative software solutions for the global real estate and retail industry

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