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Delivering an Elevated Customer Experience Requires an Agile Retail Technology Platform
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Perry Kramer, SVP & Practice Lead, Boston Retail Partners

Retailers that are thriving—and there are lots of them—anticipate and react to consumers’ demand for an enhanced and continuously changing retail experience. Retailers that have successfully anticipated the changing customer...

Rise of the CDO: The Great Mediator
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Hannah Datz, VP Retail North America, SAP Hybris

Every two years a new turn of phrase in retail tech becomes the hot button. Recent examples include “omni-channel,” “360-degree customer,” and “real-time.” As each has risen and declined in popular use, the...

Money Ball Retailing
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Peter Charness, SVP America's and Global CMO, TXT e-solutions [MI-TXT]

Great Assortments have to please at least 2 distinct groups. In first place, of course, are the customers who want exactly what they want, when, and where they want it. Free would be a good price, but of course the lowest possible is a close...

Your Biggest Omnichnannel Challenge Might Not be Your Technology
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Kyu Cho, VP-Consulting Services, Nisum

Retailers know that omnichannel is the way of the future. Having a digital presence is table stakes at this point, with mobile and social commerce not far behind. Retailers also know that achieving true omnichannel efficiency...

ECM, "The Dragon" to Deliver Business Value
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Thomas Phelps IV, CIO & VP-Corporate Strategy, Laserfiche

At a recent CIO summit on the topic of shrinking IT budgets, a CIO spoke up and said that board level discussions about IT governance should not be about how IT enables the business. Instead, the conversation needs to be reframed around how IT is...

Retriever Merchant Solutions: Smart Solutions for Smart Payments
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Dave Lesniak, CFO, Brian Kamstra, President, Robyn Fiegle, VP, Operations

Retriever Merchant Solutions provides payment processing for businesses of all sizes to become more efficient, secure and successful

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