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Cloud-to-Edge Solutions and the Future of Cloud Computing
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Cloud computing has spread its wings in every corner of online activities. SaaS generates most of the cloud computing market’s revenue. According to a research by Statista, the public cloud computing market will enjoy a huge leap from...

Evolution of Information Technology
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Joe Sheridan, Corporate Director of IT & CIO, Soave Enterprises

Informational Technology is a massively evolving and dynamic sector. Technology has permeated to every strata of the society and is playing pivotal role in shaping social dynamics. The demand for quick and apt services has led to emergence of...

The Realization that Online is Where the Future Is
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Reid Greenberg, SVP, Kantar Retail

Top Retail Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2017 The speed at which technology changes is virtually impossible to keep up with as a marketer or tech leader. The good news is, there are a lot of shiny things to ignore and focus on the...

Data Analytics: New Edge for Success
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Colin Boyd, VP and CIO, Joy Global [NYSE-JOY]

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Data Analytics If we look back over the past two or three decades, the growth in digital data has been driven by the spread of transactional IT systems. Every function in an organization today is likely...

Six Effective Ways to Manage IT Organization
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Aashish Chandra, CTO, Digital Transformation Leader, Tata Consultancy Services [NSE-TCS.NS]

In today’s disruptive digital economy, the pace of change is at its peak and it has only just taken off. It has fundamentally transformed the business landscape with many corporations unable to keep up. Research suggests 40 percent of...

IoT as an Enabler to Operations and Commercial Strategies
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Matt Meier, VP & CIO, Whirlpool Corporation

The Ball’s in Our Court! Remember the days when the primary role of the CIO was as caretaker of the I.T. applications and infrastructure for the global enterprise? If email was up, transactional platforms and networks were humming along,...

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