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Why Artificial Intelligence Will Empower the CIO
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Gregory B Morrison, SVP & CIO, Cox Enterprises

Since the dawn of mainframe computing, CIOs have marshaled troves of data—gathering, using and protecting information to advance the company’s strategic objectives. As technology evolves, so do our methods. The widespread digitization...

Speed of Retail
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John O'Reilly, VP of Business Development, Aptaris

When consumers demand instant gratification, including fast delivery and information at their finger-tips, the speed of retail must be accelerated. Add the rapid technology upgrades every six months and retailers are facing a hyper-competitive...

Free Wi-Fi Versus Paid: Which is Better for Your Business?
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Patricia R. Hume, Chief Commercial Officer, iPass

We live in a mobile world, where a staggering 4.8 billion people around the world are mobile users. Among those billions, more than one billion are mobile professionals. The United States in particular is seeing astounding growth in its mobile...

Eagle Security Fire & Life Safety, Inc.: A Full Service Security Integrator
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Agron Poti, President

Provides highly cost-effective stand-alone and all-in-one security solutions, with the integration of video surveillance, fire safety, card-based access control and nurse systems

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