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ECM, "The Dragon" to Deliver Business Value
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Thomas Phelps IV, CIO & VP-Corporate Strategy, Laserfiche

At a recent CIO summit on the topic of shrinking IT budgets, a CIO spoke up and said that board level discussions about IT governance should not be about how IT enables the business. Instead, the conversation needs to be reframed around how IT is...

Janrain: Enriching Retail Experiences
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Jim Kaskade, CEO

Provides customer identity solutions that assist the retailers to tackle the shifting digital landscape and enhance the omnichannel experience for retail customers

Bluefin: A Unique P2PE Solution for Retail Payment Security
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Ruston Miles, Chief Strategy Officer

A leading provider of P2PE payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across retail, healthcare, education, foodservice and more

Signature Systems, Inc.: PCI Compliance for Quick Service Restaurants and Pizzerias
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John White, CTO/EVP

Award-winning POS provider to quick service restaurants and pizzerias and provider of managed, PCI compliant cyber-security solutions, with threat remediation and PCI simplification

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