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Retail Industry: The Target for Cyberattacks
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Hackers have evolved continually in the past few years, but retailers are still their prime targets for a cyber-attack. Retailers are topping the list of nearly every cyber-security report. It is vital for retailers to fortify their security...

Ways to Fortify Cybersecurity in Retail Industry
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The retail industry needs to update the business data of products on a regular basis.  This sometimes causes the systems withholding data to hang for a while. With cloud embrace, both potential and transformative but also has its...

Resolving the Mobile App Payment Scams
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Consumers of today are now comfortable in online transactions for shopping than visiting a store. Due to easy payment processing and attractive offers, most e-commerce websites and other payment methods have now shifted to online...

Potential Impact of Blockchain on E-Commerce Sector
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The potential of the blockchain technology is immense and has brought transformation in all the sectors of the economy. It has the power to eliminate a huge amount of record-keeping, can save money and revolutionize IT in ways which were not...

Accounting for Online Payment Security as a Practice
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Vennard Wright, CIO, WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)

As consumers and recipients of services from utilities, our least favorite things about receipt of those services is paying bills. As service providers, one of the areas of most obvious concern is securing information and data related to those...

Infusing Analytics into Physical Retail Stores
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Brandon Schulz, Director, Retail Vertical, Luxoft [NYSE:LXFT]

With the growing customer demands, players in the retail industry are leveraging advanced eCommerce platforms to enhance shopping experience. The capability of eCommerce platforms to record users’ browsing history in retail cloud...

Retail's Evolving Facets
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Phil Stevens, CIO, The Exchange

Solutions for Data Security Given the number of breaches announced by banks, technology companies, manufacturers and retailers, it is clear that information security is a big challenge—and technology is both part of the problem and...

PXP: Payment Processing Platform for Retailers
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Mike Day, CEO

Offers a resilient platform for omnichannel payments, thus allowing organizations to create a fully integrated customer sales journey across multiple channels

3dcart Shopping Carts: One-Stop for All Sized E-tailers
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Gonzalo Gil, Founder & CEO

A feature-rich e-commerce platform with a wide range of pricing options for merchants who are looking for an affordable, fully-hosted selling solution

Signature Systems, Inc.: PCI Compliance for Quick Service Restaurants and Pizzerias
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John White, CTO/EVP

Award-winning POS provider to quick service restaurants and pizzerias and provider of managed, PCI compliant cyber-security solutions, with threat remediation and PCI simplification

Demandware: Omni-Channel Ecommerce for a Unified Customer Experience
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Thomas Ebling, CEO

Demandware’s open cloud platform offers superior technology models seamlessly engaging brands with their customers across channels