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Choosing the Best CRM for a Manufacturer
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Though CRM’s have become the new buzzword for companies, manufacturers aren’t seeing it as a utility for businesses because they believe that their revenues are from existing customers or repeat sales. For them, a CRM is nothing but an...

The Driving Force behind Customer Experience
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Since digitization, prospective customers of a company or brand have better access to social media and online content and therefore good opinions from existing customers can sway their opinions and in turn affect sales. Today, customer experience...

Leveraging Gamification into CRM
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Gamification is one of the recent trends introduced to bring innovation and enhance productivity in a working environment, especially in customer relationship management (CRM). Gamification is an interesting take on developing a long-term...

The Power of Digital Design and Strategy for Affectionate Human Interactions
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Dave Fletcher, Founder and Executive Director, The Mechanism

I am a designer who decided to shift gears from traditional advertising and branding to the early days of websites in 1995. I later moved into the wild west of digital website consultancies in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, through...

Arcade: Motivate Salespeople, Increase Profits
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David Cherrie, Co-Founder

Arcade helps retailers maximize the sales output of their workforce through gamification

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