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7 Benchmark Approaches Followed by Smart Retailers
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In this evolving digital era, retailers should adopt new approaches to empower their customers, thereby promote their products. FREMONT, CA: In this digital era, consumers are embracing the advent of new technologies and are learning to...

Shopping Cart Elite's Online Crypto Market, Exclusive X is in the Market
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The cryptocurrency online platform Exclusive X by Shopping Cart Elite has an impressive collection of designs, sizes, prices for all. Fremont, CA: Aiming to leverage the new found interest in cryptocurrency, Shopping Cart Elite has launched an...

Simplify Supply Chain with Technology
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Stuart Scott, EVP and CIO, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. [NASDAQ: JBHT]

Internet of Things (IoT) for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry According to research and advisory firm Gartner, five billion devices are connected to the internet today. By the year 2020, that number is projected to grow to twenty billion....

Technology Pushing Cost Savings in Logistics
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E.R. Williams, Co-Founder and Technology Lead, Zipline Logistics

Demand for technology integration into transportation services is at an all-time high. When asked if IT expertise and capabilities are a necessary offering from third-party logistics providers (3PLs), 93 percent of shippers say yes, according to...

An Agile, Customer-focused Approach to Logistics
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Ray Lowrey, CTO, MV Transportation

The realm of transportation logistics is going through significant change, ranging from the advent of transportation network companies (TNC) to the introduction of autonomous vehicles. In light of this transformation, it’s essential that...

Applications of Text Analytics
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Rajkumar Bondugula, Ph.D., Principal Data Scientist / Sr. Director, Equifax and Former Data Scientist, The Home Depot

Today, most organizational information is stored in relational databases, multi-dimensional databases or data warehouses. These stores hold structured data in a pre-defined schema, and the value is extracted by running queries and analytics on...

Role of Augmented Reality in Retail
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Rekha (Sasirekha) Ramesh, SVP, Global Head of IT & Digital Strategy, Daymon Worldwide

The success of Pokémon GO brought Augmented Reality to the center stage and provided retailers a platform to reach its consumers in many creative ways. With the prediction of $105 billion dollars’ investments expected in augmented...

Time to Reach for the Clouds
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Mike Ruchensky, VP and CIO, Swift Transportation [NYSE-SWFT]

Today’s fleet managers—and their drivers—face heightened responsibilities in an increasingly competitive transportation industry. Budget pressures and regulatory uncertainty can put the squeeze on fleets, coupled with the fact we...

Latest E-commerce Trends Shaping Up
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Advait Kulkarni, IT Director, Cetera Financial Group

E-commerce these days has exploded many times, hitting new milestones and achieving numbers never seen. In the year 2014, sales hit a high of $1.3 trillion reaching almost $2 trillion by the end of 2016. By 2020, it is estimated that the...

The 360 Degree Customer
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Mark Horbal, CIO, SVP-IT, EVP Corporate Vision and Innovation, SpringBIG

In the simplest terms, the fundamental objective of any retail enterprise is to sell as many products as possible. Each sale generates revenue and adds to the topline. There are other considerations, of course, such as product and other costs,...

Commerce to Be a Game Changer for Shoppers
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Don Scheibenreif, VP-Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Commerce leaders have made online transactions efficient and customer friendly. Now they need to enable customers to design their own commerce experiences in a way that solves problems and makes their daily lives easier. Shoppers still find a...

Be Ready or be Gone - Insights for the Fast approaching Future of Retail
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Brett Beveridge, Founder & President, The Retail Outsource Companies

To say the landscape of retail is changing, is an almost absurd understatement. It’s already an entirely different marketplace than it was just a few years ago, and the snowball is rapidly bounding downhill towards the future. It’s not...

USAePay Launches its Android App Version 1.3.8
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GLENDALE, CA: USAePay, payment gateway service provider has released their Android App updated version 1.3.8.  The updated version of Android App includes new features like having the ability to collect location data of transactions and...

The Omni- Channel Challenge
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Chad Ehmke, CIO, Sally Beauty Holdings

Retail and the rise of the Omni-Channel Experiences It’s difficult to read any article lately regarding the future of retail without coming across the words “Omni- Channel”, or “Multi-Channel”. It’s even...

VisitBasis Retail Execution Version 2.0 Mobile App Improves Interface for Faster Performance
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MIAMI, FL: VisitBasis, a provider of mobile solution for planning and managing retail, introduces its upgraded VisitBasis Retail Execution mobile app with version 2.0 to boost retail workforce efficiency. This app achieves faster performance and...

ALTO: Insight-Driven Actionable Risk Management
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Edgar Escobar, CTO

Provides technology solution which is a combination of innovative analytics, deterrence marketing, and intelligent prosecution to create safer retail environments

Ciklum: Rendering a Modern Touch to Retail
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Bogdan Shestakov, Head of Solutions Team

A global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organizations alike around the world

TCPOS: Future-Proof POS for the Modern Era
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Ivan Salvetti, CTO

Provides extensible and future-proof POS solution to the retail and hospitality industry, enabling merchants to have autonomy and control to execute their digital transformation business strategies Unleashing the Workforce
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Sean Crowley, President, North America

Helps retailers and product manufactures maximize the potential of employees, product sales and customer service through Field Labor Automation (FLA). [NASDAQ:SPRT]: Driving Enhanced Shopper's Journey
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Elizabeth Cholawsky, President & CEO

Provider of cloud-based and services to retail, Internet of Things and other connected technology industries.