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Customize and Communicate-Two Key Element to Success for Retailers
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Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, VP, TUMI

Designing Verticalized System for 360-degree Customer View It’s easy to over complicate. Ultimately retail is divided by two lowest common denominators of data–at the product level and at the customer level. Product may be SKU...

Be Ready or be Gone - Insights for the Fast approaching Future of Retail
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Brett Beveridge, Founder & President, The Retail Outsource Companies

To say the landscape of retail is changing, is an almost absurd understatement. It’s already an entirely different marketplace than it was just a few years ago, and the snowball is rapidly bounding downhill towards the future. It’s not...

Enactor: Enabling Digital Retail
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Derrick Hurley, MD

Providing a digital retail platform to enable an omni-channel and unified commerce environment

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