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Is it about IT? Never Ever
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Ralf Schneider, CIO, Allianz Group

Digitalization, sure. It’s critical. All the financial services providers agree, especially in insurance, which is my focus. Insurance depends on the responsible handling and interpretation of data and how we manage the entire insurance...

When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact: An Industry Embracing Monumental Change
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Stephen Barnham, SVP & CIO, MetLife Asia

DAVE: “Open the pod bay doors, Hal.” HAL: “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” This now infamous scene from Stanley Kubrik’s 1968 classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” where...

3i Infotech Services Forays into Retail
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BANGALORE: 3i Infotech Limited (BSE: 532628, NSE: 3IINFOTECH), a global Information Technology company which had recently unveiled a new corporate identity for their services business unit, brand-named as Altiray™,...

Journey from Intelligent Automation (IA) to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Sanjay Choubey, VP-IT, Briggs & Stratton

A leaders in business or IT, automation has always been understood as an approach to manage cost and increase operational efficiency, however recent advancement and improved approach of automation has introduced another decision factor about...

Time to Reach for the Clouds
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Mike Ruchensky, VP and CIO, Swift Transportation [NYSE-SWFT]

Today’s fleet managers—and their drivers—face heightened responsibilities in an increasingly competitive transportation industry. Budget pressures and regulatory uncertainty can put the squeeze on fleets, coupled with the fact we...

ShippingEasy: Simplifying Shipping for Online Sellers
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Katie May, CEO

Provides the simplest online shipping app for online sellers

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