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Era of Chatbots: Role of AI and Predictive Analytics in the Retail Industry
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Artificial intelligence is being deployed in new ways across the entire service-cycle of the product in the retail market—from assembling to post-sale customer service interaction. Many AI applications have achieved increased ROI, and some...

Remarkable Things Always Come in Threes
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Zerlina Jackson, Director of Web Experience, H&R Block

Bacon, lettuce, tomato. Rock, paper, scissors. Beyoncé, Michelle, Kelly. These are all amazing trios. But, if you’re into digital marketing, the new trifecta is data, technology, and experience. And just like any good trio, it is...

E-Commerce Solutions to Satisfy Customer's Needs
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AJ Agrawal, CEO, Alumnify

360 degree view of the customers To have a full, comprehensive view and understanding of your customer, it is critical to enable your e-commerce to integrate data across the e-commerce enterprise. Understanding your customer means understanding...

ShoptoCook: Digital Customer Connections Made Easy
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Matthew Goodyear, COO and CIO

Provider of kiosk solutions and content for kiosk, mobile, and web application and email and SMS campaigns

USA Technologies [NASDAQ: USAT]: Stalwarts of Self-Serve Retail
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Mike Lawlor, CSO

A premier payment technology service provider of integrated cashless and mobile transactions in the self-service retail market

Reality Interactive: Filling Retail Marketing Black-Hole
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Bryson Hyte, Partner/CTO

Reality Interactive has created hundreds of dynamic in-store experiences partnering with some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies

iQmetrix: Revolutionizing In-store Buying Experience
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Christopher Krywulak, President & CEO

Offering the technology in retail management and customer experience to bridges the gap between physical and virtual retail channels

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