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Impulsify Joins Hands with Shiji Group to Widen Retail POS Deployment
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Under the new partnership, both the companies will collectively put efforts into the expansion of retail POS deployment   FREMONT, CA: Impulsify, a Denver-based vendor of retail software and professional services has teamed up with...

Thriving Customer Value with Retail Technologies
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The primary key to customer satisfaction is to anticipate market demand while offering them a distinct competitive advantage of innovative solutions. FREMONT, CA: New technology wave is increasing at a phenomenal pace, and these recent...

Top BI Innovations Guiding the Progress of the Retail Industry
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With the influence of online retailers, the retail sector has always been competitive. The retailers should always be ready to handle the dynamism of the market and continuously upgrade offerings. Retailers should be capable enough to remodel...

AI to Aid the Detail of Retail
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FREMONT, CA: One of the many challenges the retail sector faces is to maintain the attention of consumers who have various digital apparatuses at their disposal to search for the best deals and most suitable delivery options available. Big box...

Streamlining Day-to-Day Business in Restaurants
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FREMONT, CA: When it comes to running a restaurant on a daily basis, definite challenges can turn up: customers with complicated payment requests, running out of ingredients, and staff members calling in sick. In truth, these concerns can either...

RFID in Inventory Management: Opportunities and Applications
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Detego is a software service provider for retailers who at NRF 2019 displayed their RFID- based inventory management AI application and software. The software aims to provide retailers control over the access to digital connectivity through an...

Five Essentials for Retail POS in 2019
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Point of Sale (POS) has become the heart of every establishment. From restaurants to the retail store, POS systems have solidified their place and have turned out to be a unique element in the sales process. If given the sheer volume of retail...

Retail Advancement through Technological Transformations
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One of the ever-changing retail industry is all set to adopt new technological ameliorations in the proximate future. Innovations are redefining the ways of making a purchase. E-commerce platforms have deepened roots into the retail industry...

Crunch is Building its Software Muscles with Cegid Cloud
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NEW YORK, NY: Cegid, a provider of cloud services and software, has announced that Crunch, LLC, the gym chain known for its innovative group fitness programming, has chosen Cegid’s SaaS retail software (Yourcegid Y2), including CRM, Price...

Octopus Retail Management: Innovative Solutions Resonating with Retail Chains
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Whee Shiong Ong, Managing Director

Octopus helps retail businesses to become smarter and more personal with fully integrated retail solutions

newave Sensor Solutions, LLC: Creating a Wave with Real-Time Shelf Data
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Jeff Hudson, CEO, SLS RFID (Tech Partner) and Den Burnside, Chairman & CTO

A HCI solution provider that develops unique RFID technology to solve the latest challenges of the retail industry

Obase: Smart Automation Leveraging Data Analytics
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Bülent Dal, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides analytics-based scientific retail solutions though system integration

Deposco: Radical Optimization of Supply Chain Operations
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Bill Gibson, CEO

Provides comprehensive suite of omni-channel fulfillment solutions for retailers

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