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Indispensable Role of Logistics and Warehousing in Retail
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The modern retail industry is a marketplace that helps to streamline the transactions between manufacturers, producers, creators, shopping platforms, and consumers. To connect to the stakeholders, facilitating the exponential boom sector,...

Transforming Our Customer Experience through an Omni-channel Lens
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Gary Aliff, Senior Director, Salesforce Practice and Delivery Lead, Gap Inc. [NYSE:GPS]

Data driven, product focused, customer obsessed. This is what we at Gap Inc. aspire, in providing customer service in our contact centers. Over the years, we have gradually expanded our customer facing channels resulting in a multi-channel...

The 7 Warehouse Service Offerings
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Joe Lynch, General Manager, Rock Solid Business Solutions

For many years, I ignored warehouses. I drove by them and I was vaguely aware that they existed, but that was the extent of my knowledge. If I had an opinion, it would have been that warehousing is a low tech, commodity business. I was so...

Technology: Building a Competitive Advantage in Logistics
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Suheb Siddiqui, Managing Director, PwC

In his economic theory magnum opus, Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith says, “Wherever there is great property, there is great inequality.” That advice may be 240 years old, but it is good counsel for today’s logistics providers. The...

Four Myths about Innovation in Logistics
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Daniel Gagnon, VP of Marketing, Global Logistics & Distribution, UPS

The serenity of a normal Sunday morning gives me time to catch-up on the business journals and blogs that have accumulated in my in-box throughout the week. As I comb through the articles, my serendipity turns into anxiety as I read article after...

Software Engineers are The Future of Logistics
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Mario Harik, CIO, XPO Logistics, Inc.

In the age of e-commerce, consumers have more choice than ever. We can shop anytime of the day and from virtually any location. Retailers are adapting quickly, too. Established brands are trying new things all of the time in an effort to be the...

Three Ways through Retailers Can Step Their Game Up in 2017
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Fiona Swerdlow, VP, Research Director, Forrester Research

This year has been no picnic for retailers. With Thanksgiving weekend upon us, many retailers are in the throes of the holidays and are doing all they can to achieve a strong finish to a bumpy, even bewildering year. Retailers now must...

Turning Consumer Generated Content into Valuable Brand Asset
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Luis Sanz, Founder, Olapic

Challenges in Integration of Data for Retailers There is no question that data is a critical part of retail success. Each part of the customer journey needs to be tracked and measured. Consumer touch points have greatly increased and it is not...

5th Dimension Logistics Launches Intelligent Load Balancer for Omni-Channel Merchants
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ: 5th Dimension Logistics, a provider of all-in-one online payment solution to help merchants in doing online payments has released an enhancement to its Intelligent Load Balancer to better support Omni-channel merchants. The...

Shopify: Changing the Face of Online Sales
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Tobias Lutke, Co-founder & CEO

Provides a cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses

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