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Rise of Cloud Computing in Retail Industry
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The retail sector and other small businesses are seeing huge potentials with cloud technology and are optimizing it to the fullest. Companies are seeing how cloud computing is reducing IT costs to manage the existing as well as integrating new...

The Digital Journey
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Dan Adam, CIO, Extreme Networks [NasdaqGS-EXTR]

Integrating Data for 360-Degree View With increased competitive pressures on traditional brick and mortar retailers due to the rapidly growing online ecommerce channels, retailers must provide a high quality digital in-store experience to...

Flixmedia: Sell More
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Scott Lester, CEO

Provider of rich, digital content solutions to global retailers

Sentient Technologies: The Retail Trailblazers
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Babak Hodjat, CEO and Co-Founder

Sentient Technologies’ Aware is an AI-powered shopping experience designed for the mobile-first world

Unbxd: Converting Shoppers into Buyers
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Pavan Sondur, Co-Founder & CEO

Provider of ‘e-commerce context-aware’ data platform delivering highly relevant and personalized end-to-end search experience.

One Door: Optimizing the Store Experience
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E.Y. Snowden, CEO

Delivers localized visual merchandising, in-store execution, collaboration, and compliance, all unified in the cloud

Integrated Merchandising Systems: Fully Integrated Cost-effective Merchandising Supply Chain Solutions
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Rick Remick, CEO

IMS provides end-to-end merchandising solutions, delivering strategic project management to promote brands and drive sales

Aptaris: Marketing and Promotions Management Made Simple
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Tom O'Reilly, President & CEO

Aptaris offers a suite of real-time enterprise marketing and promotions management tools that focuses specifically on the promotional needs of present day’s retailer...

Snipp: Getting Brands and Customers Closer through a Robust Merchandizing Platform
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Atul Sabharwal, Co-founder & CEO

An accelerating platform for all kinds of promotion and marketing activities for an optimized relationship between the retailers and consumers...

Retail Process Engineering(RPE): Streamlining Retail Services for Enhanced Merchandising
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Rob Henneke, EVP

RPE specializes in strategic, functional and technical consulting to deliver innovative retail merchandising and supply chain solutions

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